5 mameluks for 500 gold? 10000 hp for only 500 gold, best card on age of empires 3 history?

its insane that this card is infinite, what do you think?

Originally it was 6.

The issue is the unit’s base cost being too low imo. This is the reason why the shipment is cheaper. At 400 coin per mameluke it is a bargain!

I find it very problematic, the previous style was when a country had an advantage.
It will be the unit is more powerful or cheaper and faster.
Now Sweden has both, which makes Germany’s positioning awkward.

No it’s not that good.
An age 4 shipment is equivalent to 1600 ressources
So 5 mamelkuks for 500 gold = 2100 gold = 420 gold for each mameluks (more that what you pay in a saloon)

Mameluks are not that great age 4, they can be easily killed by dragoon and do not that much damage.

4 mameluks for 1000 gold is much more intresting because in forteress it’s more difficult to control.

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mamelukes if you have the mercenary card and the age 5 politician got 2600+ HP, and a 40% range resist. Dragoons are not an effective way of fighting mamelukes at all. nothing really is, the only true downside is the poor dmg but when you can tank an entire army: who cares?

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Their cost is way too low. The unit should be nerfed to fit the cost or have an increased cost. This shipment is a bargain because the unit is a bargain.

You need to use one card for every 5 mameluks, and if you loose your mameluks you can’t make any more army. Imperial muaketeer would shred those mameluks, even with the imperial age (politician, which should be nerfed anyway).

And dragoon can easily hit and run mameluks

12500 hp for 500 gold, good tank, i wish i had that on my main russian civ. I dont care if i have to use 1 card. Nobody will use mamelucks versus musketeers or dragons, and mamelucks can tank 20 dragons each one taking 15 secs to kill them all or even more. on that time other units can do damage
sweden doesnt need more card on that late game, they ve already sent all of them

mamelukes force a response to them, which subsequently means that you will buy more anti cav than you usually would vs a sweden, leaving the swedish units a good opportunity to kill them off.

dragoons? die to caroleans and jaegers.

musketters? die to jaegers and art

melee cav? well probably wont beat them, and will be countered by the caro and blackriders.

also i feel like you are really overlooking that this is an infinite shipment, it is 5 2600 HP units you ship to your forward base, that you can keep sending after you used all the other shipments. most of the age 4 shipments you would send anyways would be upgrades or factories- 1600 resources is sort of a bad thing to send to begin with unless you make some really weird fast industrial, and even then mamelukes would give you a more immediate advantage.