50% of multiplayer games cannot create lobby or join existing lobby

Game Version:

  • Build 4426672
  • Platform Steam
  • Version 101.101.33315.0


When either creating a Multiplayer Lobby or Joining an existing Multiplayer Lobby, the game goes to the blank-parchment loading-screen and then a pop-up appears that states “Could not create game. Error: Connection Failed” or (when joining an existing lobby) “Unable to join game. Error: Unknown Error”


Windows 10 PC connected to FIOS internet connection by ethernet. While trying to begin game, web browser connects, Discord chat and VoIP chat remains connected, and other network-connected services remain working fine.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start Steam
  2. Start AOE2:DE from Steam
  3. Select Multiplayer
  4. Select Create Lobby.
  5. Either choose changes desired (e.g. friends only, 4 player map, EastUS servers) or go with default game/lobby settings.
  6. Select Create Lobby
  7. Observe the parchment-paper “blank” screen with the progress wheel at the bottom-right, followed by the mentioned error message(s).
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