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Does it make unit sounds more quiet than 20-40%? If so, I think the description might be incorrect…

Currently, it says:

  • “If 20, 30 AND 40% is too silent ! :D”

If I understand correctly, though, I think it should instead read as follows?

  • “If 20, 30, AND 40% is not silent enough ! :D”

Sounds like a good mod, especially if it decreases the volume of the Explorer’s highly repetitive “Riiight!!” … “Commandement!”… “Yesss!”… “Ewoll!”

I don’t play AoE3 anymore, but if I did, I’d definitely want this mod, and also want a mod that lowers the volume of the coin deposit sound from trains, door slamming sound from building clicks, skirmish trumpet horns, and shipment deliveries. All these sounds drove me away from the game; the volume of them, their abrasiveness, and repetitiveness. Don’t worry about my opinion, though, I don’t plan on playing AoE3 again due to the large quantity of small dislikes adding up

With AoE2, there are a few sounds that need work. I’ll try to mod them differently and/or lower their volume someday

EDIT: Ahh, I see you’re releasing a string of mods at different percentages. The fact that there isn’t a volume slider in the game that lets players adjust unit sounds is too bad. I’ve never really understood why so many games only have a couple volume sliders… one for game sounds, one for music. Sometimes one other for UI sounds.

For AoE games and any AoE games in the future, they could benefit nicely by having separate volume sliders (and repetition sliders for some) for “Unit Sounds”, “Battle Horn Sounds”, “Environment/Atmosphere Sounds”, “Music”, “UI”, especially… but even more would be great (i.e., in the case of AoE3: building selections, explosions, shipments, coin drops). Which would let users set things up how they like… so you wouldn’t need to do things like create nine or ten mods (one for each 10%) to let users adjust unit sounds. Imagine if you made mods for just a few of those things (10%-90%), you’d have close to thirty mods :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I thought it makes sense

The 50% is from the 100% sound volume

20% is 20% sound volume etc

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Ahh, that makes sense!

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