500 units at a time with incas in treaty too strong?

With some tricks you can get up to 500 units with inca in treaty. By Using Native cards, kalinkas, big buttons, dogs and chasquis you can get a huge army, which will be allmost unstoppable in the first few minutes after treaty ends.
I go in detail how to do that in those two videos, that isnt the main point of this post.

My issues with that are the following:

  1. For all civs there is a soft cap of 200 population and a hard cap (if you use all mechanics) of around 350 population (without extra native TP’s). There are some civs which can field more army with that limit (dutch, japan, french) but the armies usually arent bigger than 150-200 pop (even at the start of the treaty). If you compare that to incas…their starting army is twice as big. Which doesnt seem to be balanced

  2. Especially considering the performance problems the game has, this can and will lead to crashes. Especially if you have one or more inca in a 3v3 for example (which are barely finishable anyway, but still). The game engine just isnt designed for 500 units/ player.

  3. If the incas unit roster would be a bit better (Kalinka units are all trash), then they would be completly unstoppable i think. Which is just not good design, when there are only 3 usable unit in a roster and the rest needs to be natives.

What do you guys think? Do you think this is a good game mechanic? How would you change it?

Links to the Videos:

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The Inca Empire is Tawantinsuyu, which means “land of the four directions”, or “an alliance of the four places”

In fact, this is indeed done in the game, you can build an embassy to produce 3 types of indigenous warriors
Hope Inca will focus on three allies ,This can solve this problem, don’t let the aboriginal fighters be too many

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yeah i think they can keep the natives, but then do something with the other mechanics described. The problem is not one mechanic, but that inca has all the mechanics. Overpopping with big button and kalankas, natives, dogs, chasquis