56 Trade Cards and need to sell resources to afford Paladins

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  • Build: 4#####
  • Platform: Steam /
  • Operating System: Windows 10
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56 Trade carts and i am not flooding in Gold

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  1. Make Trade in 4v4
  2. Watch Trade getting stuck, humbing market instead of acting normal
  3. have no gold
  4. Complain here

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So, if there are too many cars on a highway, what happens? Yeah the traffic is blocked.
How to fix it? People uses other ways to drive.

Have you ever thought its your fault and not the games? I ve played tons of games with trade and didnt have such huge issues. Of course they collide sometimes, but not in a huge manner.

Place multiple markets so not all of them drive on the same road and dont complain about the game.

Teals Tradecart literally punded the market instead of getting gold… They just froze in front of the market, making a sudden movement before idling again. This has never happened on Voobly before.


Sorry I wont watch the whole rec for this. I actually dont even need, I already know that your issue is coming due to bad building placements.

Anyway, this is not Voobly…Units need space thats just how it is. Quickly redirecting the carts or placing better markets will fix the issue.

It would help if you would post youtube video about this issue, because this is much easier for people to watch than replay.

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yep and instead of stating issue as

56 Trade carts and i am not flooding in Gold

cant take it seriously when seeing something like this. if trade carts getting blocked then just say its getting blocked.

Yeah sure i will create a video about Trade Cards getting stuck when you could literally play any 4v4 and expierence it yourself… But i guess i am the only one with eyes or bad luck here so it only happens to me appearently

pathfinding problems are annoying. it is same for villagers as well. They must make something about it.

This is intended. Paladins are gold heavy, which means at least half of your economy has to be tradecarts. To solve this issue, just ping at the clogged market violently and cry in chat that your team is mentally deficient. Works for me.
I’m joking btw.