6 points that dev shoud improve


The most annoying stuff in the game:

  • Rank…
  • Lobby totally broken
    • Room can be display full but there is empty spot because people leave the room (take a long time to be display correctly in the lobby)
    • Room display the number of people in it and ignore people who are in loading screen
    • What the point of display full room (we should tick something to display them)?
    • Mod are always download again even if you have the last version
    • Bug when host have an old version of a mod, all players who have a more recent version need to leave the room and delete the mod to be able to download again in the game room
    • Lobby don’t update (very often) you can click on a game with 1/8 players and the room is already full
  • Hotkey
    • queue action are sometime broken
    • a hotkey with only one purpose can’t be use if the hotkey depend of another one (for example build anything)
    • no hotkey can avoid a click on the map (attack zone require a hotkey + a click, patrol, attack move…)
    • no easy way to set someone ally or ennemy
    • no friendly way to set hotkey
  • Visual (mostly for our eyes and for new players)
    • Have different designs for different units, a lot of unit, building with differents stats share the same skin (dark age scout isn’t the same as feodal scout). AOE2 have resources for that because there is a lot of new skin in the game (that no one resquested)
  • Editor
    • It should be possible to have triger to modify landscape (add water, add land…)
  • Easier for noob
    • The large majority of players are people who play the game since the year 2000… Beginning now is a hell, there is no way to know hidden stuff (gathering food from board, farm, sheep is different, the fact that there is hidden bonus(skirmisher are very efficient against bow man not only because they have a higher piercing armor but because of a hidden value, there is no way to discover that hand cannon, Janissary haven’t at all the same bonuses)
    • Starter should be easier, for example by making food instantly collected under the TC.
  • censor in chat… sometime you get censor even if you say P6

Im confused about this do you mean have different skins for the same unit if the stats differ? Eg knights with bloodlines different to a knight without that upgrade?

There is one for “select all idle land military units”
I don’t know what hotkey it was by default but I changed it and started using it because of Flemish Revolution and now use it frequently in almost every late game.

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@Mahazona It’s a dream to have different skin for all upgrade.
What I am talking about, it’s hidden modification like for scout when we reach feodal, trade cog when we upgrade in the market. Dock when we upgrade “war galley” (the upgrade upgrade all feodal boat and also increase the building speed of the dock). Tower when we reach castle age…
For example chemistry have a big impact on the speed of projectiles of onager, the fact that we see fire when we do the upgrade, we see the link between the speed of onager projectiles and chemistry. All upgrade who haven’t an obvious effect, it should be display with skin.

Onager projectiles becoming slower with chemistry was a bug and it’s been fixed forever ago.