60 problems in AOE 4 that need to be fixed


The first issue listed out of 60 is

  1. Big shoes to fill (Age of Empires 2 comparisons, the franchise in general)

So this isn’t something that needs to be fixed, and likewise isn’t by itself a reason why anybody shouldn’t buy the game.

Kinda seems like the video’s jumping on the outrage train, which is a shame as it’ll undermine legitimate criticism people have with the game that they want to see addressed.


This video reeks of entitlement and elitism for goodness sake, let the game launch first on Oct 28. He keeps on comparing the game to Starcraft 2 , AoE 2 and AoE 3, the game is entirely a new entity a separate game of its own. Nobody is forcing these haters to buy the game but please let us play the game with all the features unlocked on Oct 28. This guy is just fishing for viewers tbh I prefer Age of Noob’s constructive criticism.


This video is clickbait. He doesn’t judge the game by its own merits but instead compares it to other games. This is even worse than if he had just made a video complaining about problems in the beta or stress test that will obviously be fixed before launch.