Can we have bigger teams? or will that really kill the game?

The current engine cannot support that. It would require massive engine rewrites to have more than 8 players.

i wish even 5v5. A deep pocket position would be amazing.

Too bad they wont go for more than 8 players with AoE4 either…

The game can handle that many units. I’ve done ludicrous and 800-1000 pop multiplayer scenario games without any network or lag problems.

I think the bigger problem would be that the maps would be ridiculously big to accommodate that many players.

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This will be a very bad thing - if possible to go 5v5 or 6v6 , no way I vote for this

In a 4v4 game with AI 500 pop (2000 units) it can become very unstable. Not sure what are you talking about

I don’t lag with 4v4 500 pop with AI. Shouldn’t that be 4000?

But seriously, the game can handle it easily. It’s just the computer specs that are the problem at that point. Still way over the 1200 asked about by OP.

I don’t think the concern is about performance, I’m sure some machines could definitely handle it. Problem is that the game engine and the online could easily stop affording mantaining the synchrony between player clients and server. It’s just too much.