8 Rounds, all VS sweden

Just played 8 rounds, every single time vs. Sweden, every single time the same Carolean spam → Hussars → Mass Cannons because they have passive income from the torps at that point. There is no way to keep the torps down, AND outboom, AND defeat their insanely strong army.

It is ridiculous that the only opposing civ you would face for hours of playing is Sweden.

Sweden and Japan both need a serious nerf, there should not be a 5 minute window at the beginning of the game in which you must beat them and if the rush doesn’t go -perfectly- it’s over unless the opponent makes a mistake.

Please either make Caroleans weaker again or bring the changes to torps back. They don’t even micro their villagers or worry about them getting killed because the torp income negates it. It is so unfair.


Sweden isn’t OP anymore IMO if anything I think their one of the weaker civs now.

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Be patient, my friend, just endure to Sweden to win the annual championship.


The Age 2 Leather cannon shipment is definately overpowered.

Having an 800 ressource shipment in terms of units is overpowered. Thats a fact. No other faction has ressource shipments which are worth more than ressource crates. The 2 Leather cannon shipment needs to cost ressources to send.

As Drongo pointed out, the Age 3 cards which turns Leather Cannons into Age 4 cannons is also overpowered.

Leather cannons are cheaper than falconetts and flamethrowers.
With Arsenal upgrades, they move at 3,95 speed, almost like Iroquous light cannons, but in Age 3 instead of Age 4.
They have more than 200 HP, which means they survive more than 1 falconett shot. They deal 50 damage every 3 seconds (thats much higher fire rate than other cannons) at 22 range, with 3 area of effect and can easily be massed. They can fire immediately and are easy to micro, unlike other cannons which have to pack up and unpack again, making them slow, clunky and annoying to micro.

This video will show you how insanely strong the Age 3 leather cannon card is:

Keep in mind this isn’t anything new. Leather cannons and this card have existed since the release of Sweden. Nothing was changed about them. The Age 2 shipment was always overpowered, but for some reason it was never nerfed even though everyone keeps pointing out its an 800 ressource shipment in age 2.

Sweden just has so many powerful tools that are being discovered one after the other, this goes to show that Sweden has been extremely overpowered in the past and still is in certian areas.

Who knows, maybe once people realize how powerful the Swedish heavy cavalry is, we find out that massing them is also overpowered? Especially since no one is using cards to buff Cavalry for Sweden, because Sweden is also powerful without those cards. They were just buffed to have 10% more ranged resist. They can still do well even against dragoons in close range as long as dragoons do not oneshot them with every volley.


I think with the addition of xbows they don’t have to have the Leather Cannon in Age 2. I think it should be moved the Age 3 and maybe even replace the Falconet like the Portuguese Organ Gun.

With Sweden we see a balancing problem because they had OP units that got fixed but they where so OP before that no one noticed that other units are OP too.
Now Sweden players took a while to adopt to the new changes and found new strategies. Now none Sweden players need to learn how to react to them.
Some things might to be balanced again.

Maybe they should design Sweden a bit more conservative.


My opinion is

  1. 2 Leather Cannon in Age 2. Requires 200 food.
  2. Remove Falconet, but can training the dragoons.
  3. “Trop” should be compared with stocking animals, Berry fast planting and slow harvesting, animals slowly getting fatter and fast harvesting, the two benefits should be equal

Another sleeper OP card is the one that enables the ranged cavs in age2. Ranged aoe cavalry? What’s not to like about them?

1- Just remove the possibility of making Falconets.
2 - Allow Sweden the card that transforms the Leather Cannons (that’s a feature its their special cannon).
3- Change the 2 Leather Cannon into a 3 Leather Cannon shipment and put it into the 3rd age. You can still train Leather Cannons but cannot ship them (like all european civs) until the 3rd age.

Dev is waiting all people who are not playing Sweden to join them or leave, so no one will complain here anymore.
See how many post here complaint about Sweden?

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imo the torps just need less hp its incredibly stupid giving a shrine on steroids 2k hp. Carolean and huss spam aint too bad imo just need to rework caroleans imo should be worse against huss, 2,25x ranged is insane and makes it near impossible to defeat sweden without dragoon-type unit, 1,5 or something would be better but idfk but then again i feel like all of swedens military should be reworked since you cant get skirms or something and hakkapeliks are ■■■■ and caroleans are stupid.


Because Sweden initial design was already failed.

Age2 Iron shipment too OP no one cares others factors.
Later Blue berry, Carolean, 4 Torps, 2 leather cannons, etc. Just discovered by players one by one.

How long did we need to wait for once Sweden nerf? may be 1~2 months, How long did everything turn back, 2 weeks.

Always some guys said Sweden should be special otherwise the game will become AOE2 if Sweden don’t have so much special bonus. OMG every special points are OP, why don’t let Sweden house provide only 5 pop to be a special bonus? Almost all civs are following the same characteristic (not include Japan and Inca), in their eyes only Sweden needs to be special to let this game not similar to AOE2, and AOE3 was AOE2 clone in their eyes because no such special civ before.


The reason why many other OP aspects of Swedes weren’t discovered or nerfed is because people were busy spamming caroleans and didn’t even need to look for them XD. When one got nerfed Swedes players had to look for other strategies and surprisingly found other OP units, buffs or cards.

The overall design is just stupid. I read a post on a Chinese forum talking about the unique improvement cards for European civs (unit shipments not even included) and Swedes have far above average number of them and quite a few are insane, and some are giving very powerful attributes to one unit (ranged resistance, longer range, even higher ranged bonus against cavs — how many units in this game can get so many additional attributes?)
And they also have a safe and strong economy. And they also have many more civ bonuses to begin with.

When all these get nerfed they can still turn to their very powerful mercs, which is even stronger and more efficient in every way than the other proclaimed “merc civ”, which has also rarely been discussed not because they’re not OP but because they’re just overlooked right now.

The devs seem to have stuffed every single bonus that they can think of and has not been implemented into one single civ. I’m not against adding something cool and novel, but what is the point of giving all of them to one civ? Either save them for later expansions, or distribute them to the existing civs.

I feel the original design of Swedes needs not only to be nerfed but also dismantled.


No matter how much opinions come out, the developers have no intention of listening. I thought they were just due to their lack of ability, but seeing that the problems aren’t resolved at all after a few months, they seem to have no intention of solving them either.

all civilizations have only one or two bonuses, and what makes them really unique is the cards and special units they have. But Sweden and the Incas broke that rule. Since the design was a mess in the first place, this problem will never be solved.

Anyway, being their creation, they seem to think that the Swedish and Incas must be special and powerful.

No, when the previous patch came out for nerfing Sweden, a group of Sweden players suddenly rushed out and said Sweden was unplayable anymore, dev listened to them and made action very quick.

But no matter the wall columns can refund the resource, herd always leaves from TC so quickly, attack move doesn’t work, etc, many issues from released until now still not get any intention.

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Oooo dang, yeah these are some great points that I hadn’t considered/seen in-game yet. Also, very well written explanation, thanks @Zer0pntEnergy !

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I have a system that works against Sweden

When Sweden OP - I dont play the game
When Sweden not OP - I play the game

Havent played for some time now.

mostly by you. ha ha ha ha ha


finally beat Sweden by playing on Borneo by going a sea deck taking all the whales and building Age V merc bonus ronin and the guy was too foolish to use Jaegars + Landsknecht from the barracks like another one who beat me on Florida (which admittedly has less whales) please do not nerf this one way to defeat sweden

I currently found ,Developers will give Sweden the best in places where players don’t pay attention

  1. The melee enhancement card will affect the label instead of the name, mercenary and aboriginal fighters will be affected, and the Inca is also a similar card but for the use of name,
  2. Melee strengthening cards will affect Hakkapelit, but Hakkapelit’s usual mode is shooting
  3. The transportation card can be sent to units that cannot be produced. Germany has no way to obtain Musketeers.
  4. The German infantry of Age 2 has the same price and quantity as Germany, but Germany exchanges additional cavalry for more quantity.
  5. Wild animal card, originally owned by indigenous countries
  6. Own 3 fortresses. Originally, France had 3 fortresses and Sweden certainly had the same.
  7. There are two types of enhanced cards for spies, agents or assassins, assassins are more threatening, Sweden choose the better one.
  8. age 2, can transport artillery, Ottoman also has unique artillery but cannot transport



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I think they are watching win rates of users on multiplayer to decide buffs.
Noobs seem to like Sweden.
I personally don’t see much Sweden on multiplayer mid-level and up.
The Incas are just as OP.
On the ladder, I see everyone play Japan so where is the complaining there?
I’m not sure who they are taking their balance advice from.
Maybe they’ll read here.