8 years ago i've bought "Complete Collection" in Mircosoft Marketlpace. I can download again?


Hi I would like to know if you can re-download the game I had bought about 8 years ago on my account “Age Of Empires 3 Complete Collection” … (it was a super deals for the entire trilogy at the price of 0.10 € )
I have already tried to ask Microsoft support, but their chronology goes up to 2014. I bought it in 2010, and I also played in 2013 (especially online).

I tried to install the old Games Of Windows Marketplace, but at the login of my account it gives me error Code: 80860006 ‘Microsoft.GamesForWindows.XLiveServices.LiveIdWrapper.IDCRLException’. "

While from the Windows Store, obviously that old game does not exist, although in my account I see (only textually) the date of purchase, the name of the game and the price paid.

Do you know if there is a way (I have windows 10 Creators Update) to download the old game? In short, on the Steam there is a complete trilogy for € 35, it seems strange that I can not download the game previously purchased, even if it is years old … (which then I did some games even older on Win10)


Do you still have your serial codes?

Or maybe the you can find the e-mail containing them?

Otherwise only way is to buy again.


Buy it again on steam.


I do not think I have the serial number anymore, having passed several years … So you say that it is not possible to receive the game again, even if I had the legitimate license? I will try anyway to look in the external hard disk if I find serial, but for now I doubt …


If you bought it during the 10 cent sale I would say even if you only played the game once you got your money’s worth.


I understood the moral discourse.

But anyway, if I know I have the license, and the accumulated online score, I really wanted to understand if you could re-have that game / license, given that it happens to be on my Microsoft account. A microsoft operator told me though that they can see until 2014, and he could not give me any more help, apart from postponing me to this official AoE site.


Sorry for the necro thread, but I’m in the same boat. I bought AOE3 Complete back in the Games for Windows Live days.

However, I do have my key. What I don’t have is the installation files. The GfWL Marketplace is long gone. The Windows 10 store doesn’t seem to have the files available for download, even though my account still shows the purchase in the purchase history. Is there anywhere to get the installer so I can try to use my key with it?


Not legally. Nowadays Steam is where the game is officially distributed - where you’d have to buy a new copy.


Yeah, I was asking for the legal variety. And I’m aware of Steam as a way to buy a new one. Just seems like there should be a way for people who DID legally buy it to still access their purchases, even if MS is no longer selling the game themselves.


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