Is that any reason after UHD DLC, the game use 80% of my ram? (my ram is 16gb), even starcraft 2 it does not use that much ram.


I 100 percent agree game needs to be optimized better. I passed the ranked benchmark test at 1178.9. I also have 16 GB RAM and its using way too much on my laptop. No reason for my fans to be loud for this type of game.

Sad to see this is still an issue; something we were told would have been worked out before launch.

I’m glad I’ve fought of the nostalgia and held off on buying the game after my experience with the Beta.

this game is just ram heavy actually, and for the UHD textures the minimum system requirements is 16gb of ram… MINIMUM might I remind you.

Are you sure 16gb is the minimum? On steam the minimum system requirement is 8gb of ram but the recommended section isn’t complete lol
Meanwhile the Microsoft store only shows requirements stating only Windows 10 and and architecture.
I did read someone explaining that essentially the game has all the images and animations preloaded in the ram in order to bring them up when needed. Which makes sense as to why it would be so RAM heavy. Anyway I just hope even on the vanilla version they can optimize it a bit better if possible.

That’s for none UHD profiles. UHD is a separate package. You can run campaigns with less (like 14gb ram and pagefile on a ssd), but I dont recommend it.

Will this ever be fixed? And how come this game took so much ram?

I feel like I’m lucky to have 32GB ram, at least framerates are playable 100-150 FPS, but it’s still quite badly optimized. Good thing is that they can update it when it’s ready.

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You need siege ram!!