8GM RAM not enough to play medium?

My PC seem to be RAM bound with 8GB. My GTX 1050 sits at 17% chilling out, but i cant get more than 30-40 fps on low to medium. Higher makes it unplayable (<30fps)

Anyone has the same issue?

Task manager apparently shows wrong numbers. Xbox game bar or sth like that shows me 100% GPU.
Still the framerate drops crazy when panning the camera. The game is not even as beautiful to understand these high requirements. Maybe it’s really a question of optimization.

How is your CPU load?
Digital Foundry did a video indicating the game only really uses one thread/core. If your CPU is older it may be struggling.

The CPU sits at around 30%.

Yo tengo una GTX 960 de 2GB pero 16 GB de RAM y lo puedo jugar en medio, eso sí, se ve horrible debido a los “gráficos” que tiene el juego.

Creo que tu problema esta en la RAM. Ten en cuenta que Windows 10 ya consume 2GB y pico, hoy en día con 8 GB es complicado jugar a la mayoría de juegos modernos.

What generation CPU you running, also have you updated the graphics driver from 2 days ago?

Could be a driver problem?

I would email aoeinsidersupport@microsoft.com with your dxdiag and ask them.
Gotta consider game is very new and maybe not fully optimized yet.
Aoe3 had similar problems where it caused a lot of strain on people’s pcs early on, now it runs quite smoothly!

you will get low fps while panning… its an issue almost all are facing


Is it the graphics card he is using? I have a gen 7 pc with 8gb ram and it’s running fine for me and it looks great, 1650 GTX video card… 4K res just medium settings…

And we all know what a disappointment that card was and is tbh, I would have saved but they promised me 4K reliability lying B********.

I kind have the same issue!
I have a gtx 1660 with 4gb VRAM and 8 gb RAM and when I put medium graphics, it gave me a warning that my game could crash or have black screen.
For nowz I have been ignoring that warning and nothing happened yet but still im confused


Yeah you should be fine. 4K res and just medium graphics settings. Mine is working fine and just make sure your graphics driver is up to date :slight_smile:

I am getting warnings with a GTX 1070 when I turn up certain settings above High. I have not noticed any performance issues. Id ignore the warnings until you actually notice a difference.

Well that’s definitely odd, and super unfortunate.

GPU marketing is always hyperbole. Its a really frustrating shame.

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Not wrong. If you do ever upgrade save for the 2080 or the 3080 series :+1: the card does the job but not as good as you’d like.

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Thanks for the tip. I was originally waiting to get double the performance for the same price. But its gonna be a while. I paid $380 for the 1070. 3070 is $1000+ for about 50% performance increase :astonished:.

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I get stellar performance in 4k with my 2060 non-super… EXCEPT when panning. Then the FPS tank.

Good to know I’m not the only one. I’m playing in 1080p for now just because of that.

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Yeah we had a shortage of 2000 and 3000 series cards in australia for ages… I couldn’t get anything bar the 1650… But it was like, this card will do 4K! It’s awesome, etc etc… All the stats were nice it has a decent amount of Vram but yeah I would definitely want ( instead of this ) a 2000 or 3000 series card, they’re so much better performance wise.

After the card released I watched so many videos of people testing the 1650 and they just don’t really hold up in anything other than 1080p, I mean sure you can use 4K resolution but then you have mid to low settings on everything else, unless you play fortnite lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Which I do sometimes but I have 2 kids so yeah, they both have 1050ti-s- $360 AUD each .

La 1650 es bastante mejor que la 1050 y también tiene mas ram


The 1650 is much better than the 1050 and also has more ram - his writing. Haveliko

Yeah it’s a better card I was just saying if he ever upgrades to get a 2000 or 3000 series instead of the 1650 as it’s not really a good upgrade :slight_smile:


Man the prices are brutal right now. My kids are not old enough to play PC games really, I did not even think about having to eventually upgrade three different PCs lol!

When I got the 1070 I got it with future proof 1080p gaming in mind. So far it has worked pretty well with most games that I throw as it. I’ve pretty much decided to stay at 1080p 60fps for a long time lol. Once you decide to up your resolution/fps it gets so much more expensive to maintain that level of quality. 1080p looks pretty nice to me, so I plan to stay there.

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