9 villager start for ladder

Maybe we start with 6 vills? A good balance between 3 and 9. Chinese should start with 9.

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AoE4 used to have a 3 Villager start in the Beta with 6 Villagers being the Chinese civilisation bonus.
6 Villager start become default for everyone on release.

Maybe it should be a 8 villager start with TC giving 10 population.
The Chinese and Mayan bonuses stay the same.

8 villagers because it’s 2 less then 10. So with the Scout you have 1 pop free to queue a villager (unless you are Mayan).

Debatable if Chinese TCs should still give 15 pop or 20 pop in that mode.

Maybe the bonus pop should just be for the first TC or maybe players should simply start with a house (unless they are Huns).

This game mode would be noticeably faster then 3 villager start but not remotely as fast as Empire Wars.

regicide 9 people start because fast to castle age

I think we should have zero villager start for ladder instead. Why are we skipping the production of the first three villagers just to make the game faster?

No thank you. It would lead to old build orders becoming useless.

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Just to make the game faster 11