"90kg Over 300 Meters" and "Anyone Order a Pizza?" achievement not counting at all

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.50700.0.7006804
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: saukoon


“90kg Over 300 Meters” achievement requires 300 trebuchets to be built
While I am able to unlock other “counter” achievements like Wololo or Frankly My Dear…, I notice the counter of this achievement does not move at all, i.e. stay at 0/300

“Anyone Order a Pizza?” Just confirmed that this achievement is glitched as well

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

I have created Trebuchets in the following game mode but the counter stays at 0/300

  • campaigns
  • skirmish
  • multiplayer

There are some new players like me reportedly facing the same issue in Steam. Please check and fix. Thanks

[Updated about Anyone Order a Pizza achievement]
I played a skirmish game with 1 Italian AI ally against another AI. I have built about 200++ Condottieri but the counter stays at 0/1000. Amazingly in the same game, as I am using Japanese I could easily unlock the Sushi Lover achievement mid game, upon building 30 Jap fishing boats



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I’d like to provide some extra info that may help in the troubleshooting

  1. According to some vateran players in Stream, they got this achievement “naturally” playing through campaigns
  2. Among them, the latest one that obtained this achievement got it on June 19, 2021. However I’m a new player to DE series, started only in July 2021
  3. I have tried to stay in one of the new LOTW campaign and keep building trebuchets, however the achievement counter still remains 0 / 300
  4. When checked with another Steam player facing the same issue, to his unawareness the counter for this achievement is not at 44 / 300. However he was not aware which particular game he has played that contributed to this count

Hope the info above helps, and dev to relook into all cumulative types of achievements especially many of us are aiming for 100% competion with the release of next DLC in August


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where is your dev flair 11

sorry i dont get you. Whats “dev flair 11”?

i was asking VotedArcher

he wrote a message as if he is a developer tracking the bug officially, but he doesn’t have the forum flair / badge of being a developer.

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ic. thats what I thought also when checking his profile. :slight_smile:

Yes. I remember Microsoft saying that people without that badge, shouldn’t be taken as developers.

I have the same bug with trying to complete the 1000 Condottieri achievement. I bought 60+ Condottieri in the Dracula 5 mission from the Italian Mercenaries camp & the number stayed at pre-bug levels. I also tried to train 60 Condottieri on a RM skirmish with an Italian ally, still didn’t work…

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This is a known issue and is being tracked. Thanks for reporting it


Another issue, (I don’t know if this is related?):

When allying with Potenza in Bari 2, the Byzantines don’t get Condottieri.

I haven’t checked either with Hautevilles 5, but if you ally with the City States (red), would that make you elligible for Condottieri as Sicilians?