A 4k graphics pack speculation

I love what I have seen so far but something kicks me in the balls so hard and it hurts and it’s the fact that : People in the early access had permision to use the 4K graphics pack? Because I didn’t notice any difference lmao.

That is my question.

Good job to the developers for giving us this amazing game! And I am so proud of the reviews , congratulations :clap:

I played both the closed beta and stress test and the highest textures option in the settings was greyed out. I could only go as high as medium. I’m not sure if that was due to my 2060’s memory or that the “high” setting will be enabled only until you download the 4k textures pack, which is confirmed to exist in SteamDB already.

4k textures take a massive amount of disk space and the betas installation size was relatively small so I’m sure I wasn’t seeing stuff in 4k (I do have a 4k monitor and played in 4k).

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I was able to select high in beta, so it wasnt because of the unavailability of 4k, most probably game did not read your system correctly. 2060 should have been enough for high.

I could go to ULTRA so lol.

Interesting. I’ll find out in 3 days anyway. Normally textures are sent straight to the GPU’s RAM and your system RAM doesn’t matter too much (I have plenty). But surely that is weird. I’ll be sure to open a ticket if that’s still greyed out at launch.

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Also its funny because they said on some Twitter that Aoe4 in steam is 50GB and in MS store is 93GB

I wouldn’t be surprised. I bought FS2020 and install/patch sizes between Steam and MS Store vary a lot. I honestly feel bad for the people who bought it through the MS Store. It’s a world of suffering in there.

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Actually MS Flight Sim 2020 is better through MS Store, because you can have it both on PC and Xbox console without paying twice. :slight_smile:

What are these console contraptions you mention? Give me a keyboard and a mouse and I’ll be a happy man.

But seriously, too committed to Steam to start making my life more difficult with separate stores.

Now my question is did those settings actually do anything?
Were people who could bump their settings higher actually getting a different experience?

Cuz i’ve seen quite a few screenshots/videos around here claiming they are on Ultra and it looked basically the same as my locked graphics.

Im inclined to believe we were all basically on the same baseline (maybe some people had it notably worse).

According to SteamDB, the 4k graphics DLC was only properly uploaded 12 days ago.
So I highly doubt people were downloading a non-existent pack in the stress test.

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That confirms my speculations , but we will see in 2 days anyway.

There is a “4k HDR video pack” already showing up as a DLC:

I suspect it’s just as the name implies and only contains HDR 4k footage for the campaign’s documentary style videos. Not wasting precious NVMe space on that unless it also contains the 4k unit model textures.


They changed the name of the DLC it seems.

So, no new Textures.

I guess this is the quality we can expect from high settings currently.

They finally renamed it on steam.


Apparently they changed the name , so we don’t know what it contains

Age of Empires IV: The 4K HDR Video Pack contains videos from the main campaign and bonus videos with ultra-high resolution. Before installation, make sure that your device meets the specified system requirements or exceeds the minimum requirements for this set.


So at least atm, it seems the pack was misnamed previously.
I don’t think this rules out a pack sometime later after launch.

It does. In aoe 3 and 4, you get 4k by setting the supersampling to 200% in graphics option