A Big Thankyou to Everyone at Microsoft studios


Although there are some people who find the stupidest reasons to complain about something in an Age of Empires game i am very grateful for all of your hard work, knowing that right now you in the Age of Series you are working hard to bring out AoE2: DE, AoE3: DE and AoE4. People don’t realize that Microsoft isn’t just making the AoE games, that they are also developing other games for release in 2019. Then you have people whining about not having DLCs or whatever when i imagine that the Definitive Editions will be made with extra content.
Without Age of Empires 10 years of my life would have been nothing, i have greatly enjoyed your games. Keep up the good work!
I am looking forward for all new developing AoE titles. Thankyou for what we have now.
Regards, Nick


You’re right but the risk is that these editions are late (as AOE DE) or do not completed. However I do not think there will be new content (like AOE DE) but only 4K, new annimations and again and again mainly bug fixes. I also think that the greatest urgency is AOM because it is very popular with these players and unfortunately very buggy especially its last DLC. And of course AOE 4 that I hope breathtaking.


I’m personally fine if AoE2 DE will look similar to AoE DE with like 32 or more rotation angles, smoother attack and damge dealing etc. I think it’ll turn out great but will take some time to redo everything. Maybe they’ll release a dlc with it idk. AoM doesn’t have the same feel to me though.


They are in the process of development and I imagine that it will probably be in late 2019 for both at the same time (AOE 2 3 DE) for AOE 4 at least 2020 but I imagine the delay …