A Boar Rush random map?

How would a map like Gold Rush play out with lots of boars instead of gold in the middle? Let’s say like 30 boars or something. 1v1 or team game, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. How would each be affected?

How good with the Mongols and other civs be on such a map? I feel the Goths could shine here very good as well.

probably just like any map with lots of food in the middle e.g. Kawasan

Mongols OP (20 characters)

Yeah you’d have to remove Mongols from ever being an option for this map to work at all

Or variate the kind of food resources in the middle, like adding bushes for Franks and Portuguese, and shorefish for Dravidians. The terrain could even prevent building near the resources, so Aztecs, Berbers and Goth could have an advantage, and Vikings in Feudal age.
If you put many sheeps near the town center Britons and Tatars could become avaible too.

The middle would be rich in food but easy raidable, the base would have less food but be more safe.

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You can make a map with generator

That’s definitely more balanced but the problem is that the game always start with either a drush or fast Feudal archers or towers and once one you lose the middle it’s very hard to win. On Gold Rush you can ignore the middle not indefinitely but booming behind walls is a viable strategy the same can not be said for Boar rush.