A bug in dropped texts

The game version number:7989

Details:Only in the JP-language mode, a Rus strelets(?) description drops a text 2-count-backward from(of) the end. Shown in in-game tech-trees in Rus on AoE4, only in the JP-language mode

Sorry for a self-reply, I think additive texts “卜(=Boku)” before “「攻囲工学」” seemed no requirements below.

Hey @CanniestDrake51! Thank you for reporting this! If I am understanding correctly, the final word in the description for the Streltsy in Japanese is missing 2 letters. Would you mind typing out how that final word should be displayed so I can pass it along? I don’t speak the language so this would be super helpful :slight_smile:! Appreciate it!

This looks to be the Abbasid Tech Tree, correct? Are you saying we should add “卜” before “攻囲工学” so it reads as “卜攻囲工学”?


Sorry its hard to read my post…

In Short, I think a text “歩兵卜は「攻囲工学」なしでも破城槌(…omitted)” should be turned into “歩兵は「攻囲工学」なしでも破城槌(…omitted)” in Abbasid-trees JP-mode

A text “(…omitted)強力な射撃歩兵で、静止状態では射撃速度が向上しまs。” should be turned into “(…omitted)強力な射撃歩兵で、静止状態では射撃速度が向上します。” in Rus-trees JP-mode

Sorry for a post that is similar to previous my posts.

In JP IME, both words were suggested.