A bug of indian Gurkha

I have found a bug of Gurkha.

Firstly, the Gurkha has a 1.5 Damage Bonus to villagers and hero if the game is not begin at explore age. I doubt that maybe the group just use the data of EP because the Gurkha in EP in explore age has a 0.5 Damage Bonus to villagers and hero. just like the Fig. below.

And another bug is that, after transport the shipment “Royal Green Jacket”, the Gurkha will have an excess 2 Damage Bonus to all of the infantry(OMG). Which also means Gurkha will have 6 Damage Bonus against Heavy Infantry! WTF!



x6 damage to heavy infantry :cold_face:too crazy

Did someone checked how much demage Gurkha actually does to heavy inf and inf ??

Yeah, it does as is says - times 6 vs heavy inf…

I tried it, it do so, so I write it there :frowning_face:

Bumping this up because this bug is extremely balance-breaking and in need of a hotfix.

AOE team please look into this one. This bug is game breaking and unhealthy for the state of Rank games. It definitely needs a HOTFIX x5 vs musk in total and x2 vs any other infantry seems like a bug or too broken

But unfortunately it seems that they are too busy to see this article :frowning_face: