A Campaing on the History of Venice

Hello to everyone, as you probably already guessed, this topic is about a custom campaign regarding the history of the maritime republic of Venice, from it’s foundation at the fall of the western roman empires, through the middle ages and untill the renaissance.

As you can guess, I’m italian, and I live near Venice, I grow up studying its history and I was always fascinated by it, by how such a small city came to be the biggest power in the mediteranean. I always hoped that someday, it would make its way to AoE (always my favorite game) as a civilization/campaign, but I had to settle for the italian civ (which, don’t get me wrong, is a great campaing).

Now, with DE I finally decided to make a custom campaing about its history, using the editor.
I already designed 4 “mission concept” (meaning that I alredy studied how the mission should appers, their objectives, trigghers, historycal context…) and made as many maps (full of terrein, units, civs, limits and so on…).
With some time an patience I will post here single topics were I go in the details for every mission, describing it on how it should work (with some screenshots), in order to have some feedback and improve it.
By all means, I’m not an historian, I know something from what I studied at school and from my own curiosity, so it’s not completely historically accurate, but hey, it’s AoE. Still, I’ll try my best.

Right now, to summarise, I made the maps and concepts for the following mission:

  1. The foundation of Venice - During the fall of western roman empire, a group of refugees seek shelter in the islands of the lagoon of the future Venice, trying to survive from the barbaric invasion of the huns and goths.

  2. The rise of Venice - Growing as a distant and indipendent vassal of the bizzantine empire, Venice struggle to survive from the longobards invasion, the magyars raids, and the attempt of annexion of the frankish reign.

  3. The conquer of Istria and Dalmatia - The ever growing Venitian power seek even more independence from the byzantine empire, and look oversea at the coasts of the balkans.

  4. The siege of Venice - The power hasn’t stopped growing, and eventually clashed with another maritime republic, Genoa, the latter have attack Venice itself, conquering most of the coast and the cities, sieging the main island.

In the future I plan to make other mission, like:

  • The conquest of Crete/Greece.
  • The conquest of the north-east Italy.
  • Some of the Turks-Venetian wars, like the siege of Cyprus.
  • Maybe the siege of Costantinopole, during the foruth crusade.

Unfortunately, here is the main problem:

I lack the kwoledge to:

  1. Properly make and use triggers for the mission.

  2. Make a mod out of it.

I found a lot of guides online, but in this period, I lack the time to properly learn through self-taught methods. Honestly, I barely have the time to design and realize the maps and missions, I fear that if I spend too much time on learning such things, the project will eventually be lost.

What I’m hoping to find here, is someone who can help me trough this issues, either by guiding me, or also by directly create the triggers (if somehow I manage to send the file with the single scenarios).
If no one can help me this way don’t worry, it’s not a problem, every feedback you can give me here is more than appreciated.

In the next days (or week, or moths, depending on how much spare time I’ll have) I will made post were I’ll explain one by one the missions, so that you can have a glare of what I’m working on. I will post screenshots where you can see my map design, and explain how in my mind the mission should be (its objectives, triggers and so on…).

So I hope that you may find this little project of mine interesting, and that some of you more expert than me are willing to lend me a hand. I also hope that more people possible help me with some feedback, ideas and suggestion, maybe new mission, and so one.

Goodnight to everyone (or goodbye if it’s day wherever you are now).

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I will help you
I know triggers in detail

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Wow, I didn’t expected and answer so soon. Thanks a lot man, as soon as I can I will post the first mission, describing the design and how I think it should work. Then you can share you feedback, especially I need to know what can be made through triggers and what not/is too complicated.

However, I will try to be as much present as I can on this topic.

No problem. I am working on a Game of Thrones map. Custom Scenario is ■■■■ on DE. I need help with players

Yeah I saw it earlier, unfortunately I just read the topic only briefly but it seemed to me that you did a good job.