A cataclysmic issue with mods, please help

So, I booted up the game, and all the mods I had had suddenly been deleted from my computer for absolutely no reason. Not unsubscribed, simply deleted. So, of course, the game attempted to automatically re-download them all at once, which takes a huge toll and naturally doesn’t work very well, especially since the ingame mod manager isn’t great. I’ve been downloading for three hours as I’m writing this and only five mods have been downloaded. It’s seemingly impossible to interrupt the downloads so that I can make each of them one at the time.
Restarting the game does nothing, restarting the computer does nothing.
Please, is there anything I can do? Could uninstalling the game solve the issue? I’m starting to panick a bit.

it is a known bug. they are tracking it, hope its fixed next patch, or the patch after