A civ that can build sheeps

For a curious bonus, as shepards produce food faster than farmers, how could that work?

Sheeps should cost some wood, and they can be generated in the town center. They should have a very fast creation time (to avoid interruption of villagers production as they come from the TC ) and they dont take population. Maybe they could create them from feudal or castle, even after researching an UT.

The advantage is that the food income should be higher, and you can also gather 6 villagers in one sheep, which saves space. Also, you could send produced sheep to an ally. Tatar will appreciate that. A pro lem is that they could be stolen too.

To balance them, the prize and production time should be discussed.

Opinions? Which civ had a huge tradition in shepards? Dutch?

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in that one capaign level. honfalas with the magyars, atleast in the orginal version in HD, the player could train cow, sheep and in the TC.

I made a scneraio back in the days on hd. someting like “sheep nothing” were the map was compeltely empty and player scould train sheep and starting from castle age also cows. It played out similiar to trade nothing. THose were the best times when the nothing maps were really big thanks to t90 (sad he stopped having intrest in non competitive stuff). I uploaded in on the workshop back then even, but had problems with desyncs and colour players and gave it up eventually bevause of that. (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1829454889)

Training animals in the tc can be easily activated in the scenario editor by researching the tech sheeps with a trigger. SO if you are curious, just go in the scneario and actiave sheep training with a trigger and experiment with it.

It is realtively balanced even, since training sheeps takes away from your town center train time, so you cant get vills out. Late game it is quite micro intesive unlike farms. Malay fish traps are much more broken than this bonus in comparision.

The current bad civs that might need more buffs, tatars would be the one most fitting. WIth the hearables bonus it might be better than expected thought.

Maybe i redo my scneraio, but i always hoped they would add some impromvements to the scneraio editor like copy pasting of triggers…

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I think it could be cool and would certainly be unique. One would have to be very careful balancing it to avoid abuse.

In team games a “sheep producer” could sling shot allied civs like tatars or Britons. Since normally those civs are toned down by the low quantity of sheep their bonus affects… Same for Frank’s and berries. They have abnormally high bonuses but it affects very limited quantities

Compared to wood cutter/stone/gold civs.

Maybe the sheep becomes inedible if any other civ kills it? And it would have to cost a hefty sum due to the high harvest rate returns. In the region of 200 w even…

Imo it would need to err on the side of underpowered to get people to permit it into the game. And could then be adjusted over time. Like the flaming camel.

Other possibility is, instead of producing them as units, it could be a castle technology like paper money. You research it, you receive a good number of sheep (and maybe the allies too), but it can only be researched once. Like the cuman tech with the mercenaries.


Yeah that’s cool! Give it to the turks, tatars, italians or Portuguese! :grin: (one of the civs that needs a land bon bon)

That’s a great idea.

I like the team unic techs. A team of berbera, humans, Vietnamese and sheep producers would feel nice

It is relatively easy to balance it. For example, you need to keep at least 2 sheep alive in order to generate more sheep. In other words, your early food production will be greatly affected as you have to wait for them to reproduce. It affects food supply in short term but result in greater food production in long term. Besides, the time for generating more sheep should be a bit longer than farming or you have to build the ranch in order to get more sheep.

In my opinion, this tech can be either the unique tech/civ bonus or available to many civs and some of them even have bonus for it. The former one is simpler to introduce while the latter one is more historically realistic.

Anyway this is a good idea.

Ha! This would be great. Imagine a civ whose bonus is that every pair of sheep (or llamas, etc) you control generate a new sheep every x seconds. To maximize the bonus, you should go to boar, fish, deer, or farms immediately and always leave the sheep.

sheep should cost food, and only pay back if you have enough vils so it doesn’t rot as much, but its a better source if you can keep it up

They should cost wood. They eat grass after all.

Flaming sheep?

food seems more logical, as #1it gives them a different role from farms and #2 grass is not bark, herdables anyways do eat veggies sometimes

build cows in darkage, other include train hunting dog, hawk scouting etc. https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/15373/