A collection of general feedback

I would like to raise the following issues if they have not been raised already, and repeat them if they have:

  1. The readability on card numbers is quite bad in some cases. I noticed this especially with the Inca’s military cards. 6’s, 9’s and 8’s all look very much the same to me. Maybe increasing the opacity of the black background behind the numbers would help. Maybe my eyesight or my monitor (or both) just sucks. I play on an 18.5" monitor at 1366 x 768.

  2. I also find the readability of the unit stats in-game to be low. With the setup I mentioned, the numbers are simply too small to identify comfortably without squinting or leaning in toward the screen. Perhaps just adding an option to scale the UI above 100% would provide a simple solution to this?

  3. The deckbuilding menu could really do with some simple improvements to organisation. A good start would be to just organise or add an option to organise the cards according to age and function SIMULTANOUSLY, like in the original game when using the “Sort by building” option. Secondly, separate and group unit/building cards according to their type and place their relevant upgrades near them. For example, for the Inca, put the Curare card (which affects only the Jungle Bowman) near the Jungle Bowmen instead of between three other cards which have nothing to do with it in the “Filter by card types” menu. Keeping with the Inca as example, using the aforementioned filtering option, it would make so much more sense to group all the farm-related cards together, like the three farm travois cards, the farm gather rate upgrades and Agrarian Ways, all in one row (horisontally at least, but their own vertical row would probably be better).

As a player who is very familiar with the deckbuilding feature of the game from many years of playing the original, I find the new layout not only confusing, but actually somewhat overwhelming with the new civs. I can’t imagine that it will be any better for new players.

  1. Some cards still have way too much unnecessary info. I don’t think anybody a) wants or b) needs to see the changes to a unit’s statistics in all its stances on a card if those changes are the same for all stances. The Son of Inti card is a great example of this problem. It makes it hard to quickly extract info from the description, while contributing nothing significant.


  2. More detailed unit information in the tech tree would be immensely useful to players wishing to familiarise themselves with unit stats outside the pressure of a match.

i also have some positive feedback for the devs on things that I really appreciate being added or fixed:

  1. Hotkeys now cycle between buildings of the same type again like they did in the original game. Yay! This is especially useful for TC’s.
  2. Attack move seems to work better than it ever has in the latest build.
  3. Double tapping a hotkey centres on buildings or units again now. This is much appreciated.
  4. All the new maps are a welcome addition.
  5. The music sounds great, as do the civilization jingles.
  6. The two new civs are really nice. Thank you for them. I especially like the way in which some of their historical aspects are brought out in their gameplay. My favourite example of this are the Caroleans which are good against Musketeers by storming them with their swords. It just fits their history so well.
  7. The new revolutions are a really cool addition to the game and add a whole new level of depth to each European civ.
  8. EDIT: I love that the rate of attack for each unit is now shown.

On giving information I think some things don’t tell you enough because it literally can’t fit everything but I for one still want to know specifics, this mostly refers to cards that effect things like ‘all mercenary shipments are cheaper’ but some weren’t for example. There’s other examples too.

I agree for general purposes it’s far too cluttered, but there should be a way to look at the exact full details of what something does rather than trial and error. Especially because in some cases, some cards are bugged (not just here but in RE, ESOC, every version of the game I know).

Agreed with all of these. Please consider this feedback and for reference also take another look at the similar thread we created in the closed beta forums.