A collection of images that will show you graphics are beautiful

Are you sure mods will be allowed? Because I haven’t heard much about it!

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t allow it as many inspirations comes from AOE 2 and if they do not then people will just keep playing AOE 2 instead.

Pretty sure Adam Isgreen on xboxera podcast told that modding for sure will be supported. 99% sure about that.

Beautiful graphics !! Love it.

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im highly disappointed that the devs of these games has continued to focus on level of meaningless detail instead of overall aesthetics and functionality. i dont care if i can see the individual freaking strands of grass in the wild or the outline of each brick in the damn walls. i want unit ai to work right and not fumble over eachother, get stuck and eliminated when fighting, or could we get the variety of units done in a way that in matches players arent just always using the same exact units and tactics the same way every single game. oh how about releasing a finished product instead of releasing a monstrosity we cant play for months at a time due to crashing errors and bugs.

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AOE3 DE look better indeed.
I think the issue here is not quality, but it is style!
Atmosphere, ground and nature is ok.

But for buildings textures. and units, mhhh, there is the issue.
For AOE 4 they went for the childish approach, but for AOE3 they feel like they have more “real life, dirty, worned out, used” textures, and materials.


We get it. We have heard this enough already. Now let us, who don’t dislike the graphics, enjoy the way the game looks.


They can’t help themselves, they feel the need to convince EVERYONE that they are right and you are wrong

What meaningless details? They have focused more on gameplay than graphics, as you can see from the trailer, which imo is a smart move, if you think they did not what the heck are you watching


Yeah, it just gets annoying. You can’t even make a post that appreciates the graphics without people complaining.


It’s like that in the forums of every single upcoming high-profile strategy game, without exception. I’ve been sing it since AoM, SC2 got it too, and the last one was CKIII. Not to worry, by release they’ll all be gone like dust in the wind.


Always the same I admit that it becomes long by force :(. We have the right to like AOE4 :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing some good screens. Seems like some just like to post cherry picked ones suffering the most from youtube compression and ignore shots like these…

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Days later but I just noticed this. He “cherry picked” screenshots without soldiers with giant weapons? That is impossible. Almost as if they aren’t as big as some people make them out to be

the art style looks good, fix the scale please!

And we were right , graphics look really good!

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If only they’d give us the camera control to be able to make it actually look like the OP’s screenshots while playing a game…


Yes more zoom in and out possibilities should be added.

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Yesterday I was playing the game for the first time in months and the units still have bugs in their animations

Units’ textures aren’t that good. You cannot look at the armour and see little pieces like in Total War.
Also, the lighting affects the textures of all beings on the map.

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