A Conjecture about the Next New Civilization

Life would be easier when Maltese will be Sicilians XD.

You all make lot of interesting civilizations, it was really fun to read this but do you all think developer will add civs future update?

Well, there are some hints pointing towards adding new civs. First, I think one of the devs said he wanted to put Brazil in the game if I recall correctly. There is also a complete absence of Poland in the revolutions, despite being a very strong contender, given its history, so I can guess they wanted to keep Poland free just in case. Although adding the winged hussars to the house of Vasa kind of hints the opposite. So, who knows? Maybe, or maybe not. It’s probably up to the higher ups and not the devs themselves


There were some small Curonian African colonies and Liberia is the only country in the region that is independent of European colonization. So what I’m saying is to use Liberia as a catch all for all the little obscure west African colonies set up by countries that don’t have a lot of other good revolution options. Poland, Denmark, and maybe even Portugal all had west African outposts and are lacking in options for revolutions so I think Liberia could work for them.

There is neither Poland for Russians and Germans nor Norway for Sweden. Indicates IMO that both Poland and Denmark are likely considered faction candidates.

But its too early to state anything definitively. I wish someone would make a faction design for Poles, would be cool to see what people would imagine how it looks.


Yes, that’s my opinion as well.
However, two units that should have been unique units for Poland (winged hussars and lipka tatars) have been added to the royal houses, so I don’t know what’s their intention at the moment. Even techs from those houses have references to the pancerni (which could be another unique unit) and the folwark (a possible unique building)
But, yeah, Poland could be a very cool civ and it is, along with Persia, probably the most important civilization not featured yet on the game.

They’re not so adverse to reworking minor civs so I don’t see that as an obstacle.

I’m not sure if the lack of a Greek revolution is an indicator that they’re under consideration or if that’s just because they didn’t make the cut the first time around and they haven’t had the resources to go back and add them.

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Yeah, they’re reworked minor civs in the past, but it’s stil strange that they recently decided to add these units to the game.
And something similar happened with the Persians as well. The Qizilbash should be a unique unit for the Persians, but they recently gave it to the Sufi.
I hope you’re right and this doesn’t mean Persia and Poland are discarded.

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Qizilbash is nowhere near the only cavalry unit option for Persia. They kinda just were only relevant during the Safavid dynasty anyways.

i think greece might have something to do with the history between turkey and greece, it wasnt very pretty, and still isnt very pretty.

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I didn’t say the only calvary unit, I just said “a unique unit”. Qizilbash is actually one of the better candidates for unique unit anyways, since they were very influencial in Safavid Persia. And the Safavid dynasty was the longest-lasting and most important dynasty of Persia during the time frame of aoe3, and actually since the Islamic conquest of Persia on the 7th Century.


Probably why they put the Greek revolt in the houses of Phanar.
It is represented ingame like this without stirring that nest of bees.

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Read this:


I like your concept for the Poles, especially the Szlachcic and the folwark. I also like the idea of having the chlop as a basic settler and the kurp as an armed settler that can only gather wood but it’s capable of basic combat.

I think their unique units should be the winged hussar, lipka tatars (already in the game) and the pancerni (a unit that would take the role of the regular hussar).

I don’t know how to implement the Lisowczyk in a way that doesn’t overlap with these 3 cavalry units.

And yeah, the Cossack units would work better as home city shipments and revolution units.

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it would be nice to see as a thread if you get the time :slight_smile:

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Claro,de hecho anexarnos la Patagonia tampoco sirvió de mucho,ya que hasta la actualidad sigue siendo una región super despoblada,salvo la zona de Bariloche y Comodoro Rivadavia (no sé como lo hubiera manejado Chile)…lo único malo que nos dió la Patagonia fueron los K xd…aunque también nos dió Vaca Muerta,así que algo es algo supongo…xd

Eso siempre…no importa la década o el siglo… :joy:

Claro,por Imperios ya tenés el azteca,el inca y el mexicano…ahora faltan el brasileño y el haitiano y por supuesto las naciones libertadoras…

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poca gente recuerda que chile se anexiono la isla de pascua en la decada de 1880 xd era gracioso como mi pais era tal que " quiero más tierra pero nos falta gente… mmm envia 200 tipos y que se asenten en ese sitio abandonado de la mano de dios y que hagan patria" literal fuerte bulnes en magallanes XD

Siempre podría haber sido peor. Podría haber sido un nuevo Puerto del hambre

cierto, pero no se como mi pais se las arreglo para que con solo unos pocos desgraciados y fuertes de madera se quedaran a vivir tan lejos xd

A pack with Brazilians and tupis would be great!