A Couple Balance Suggestions

Just a couple ideas of mine that I’d like to share because I have nothing else to do.

Cumans: Reverted to what they were when DE was first released but with a minor nerf to the second TC build time to offset the Steppe Lancer buff.

A lot of civs have been buffed since DE first came out, I don’t think they’ll actually be OP now.

Vietnamese: Paper money gives 800 gold to all team members. [Was 500 gold]

To hopefully encourage players to pick up the tech more often.

Burmese: Recieve leather archer armour.

Give them something for god’s sake! Their archery range is a joke.

Malay: Recieve two-man saw.

Just a small water buff, not that they need one, I just think it’s nice.

Tatars: New town centres generate 6 sheep starting in the castle age. [Was 2 sheep]

I can’t think of any other way to buff them and they need a buff.

Oh, and let’s change the Slavs’ name to Rus and the Turks’ name to Ottomans.


Why would u buff a top10 civ in the game?

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Noo, just no for the dear love of God


The stats suggest otherwise.

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TBH I don’t understand these stats. I think Tatars are at least above average.
I’ve no Idea what’s going on there.


They’re kinda weak.

They are kinda a top10 civ and picked regularly in tournaments.

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Uhhhh, but they are not a top 10 civ in regular games. This game isn’t for pro players only, lets balance this game for people in the 1250-1650 range.

It also baffled me how people do poorly with Tatars. I find them quite smooth even without the new sheep from new TCs.
However, recently I realized there is a tendency to not chop enough wood early on as Tatars, resulting in lagging military buildings 11


Maybe that’s the reason. Tatars need special build orders. I don’t think all people play them to their full potential.


No need to balance the game for noobs.

Tatars were considered the sickest, most broken civ in November. What happened after?

Lost 2 sheep in Feudal Age, which can be compensated by luring more deer
Keshik +10 food cost, which is a useless nerf
Cavalry Archers less frame delay, which is a major buff

Yes, it would be a terrible move to make Burmese viable against Archer civs.

But players in the 1250-1650 range are not noobs, they are good at the game without being crazy good like the pros. People who play games for a living in general need to get a life.

Please stay polite. Just unnecessary insult.

True, that was broken. Yet it lead to only about 50 % winrate, which shows most players didn’t knew about how broken they were. I’d lot of fun with that 20 pop 2 FU archery ranges build, completely OP.


It is a fact, not an insult. 1250 ELO players are simply bad. It is like considering someone who cannot swim as a good swimmer.

Every pro complained how broken Tatars are. I guess they understand the game better than people here.

Maybe, but I think less than 2 % of the players are above 1600. I think balancing a game for ONLY the top player minority is actually bad for development. I like AOE2 is somewhat balanced and fun for all elos.


I may be being a bit offensive here but please don’t flag that post. I can understand some of you may find it offensive but it’s true nonetheless.


I even consider 1700 ELO players bad.

To who? It is just an analogy. I mean you even found offensive that someone likes blonde women.

You’re setting the bar too high.

Offensive to people in 1250-1650 Elo range.

People call 500 ELO players noobs. Is that not offensive to 500 ELO players?

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Sorry, but elo bullying is an insult. Just be happy you are better in the game than the most others.

Transfering this to this forum makes you not a better human being - it actually makes you a worse.

And this is ofc true for all elos, also for 1 k who bully 500.

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