A Couple Bugs with the Campaign Statistics Page on the Official Site

I was looking at my campaign statistics on ageofempires.com and noticed two bugs, the first bug was the site displaying I’ve only beaten one historical battle when in fact I’ve beaten two and the second one was it displaying I’ve beaten 7 out of 5 Art of War scenarios which I assume is because of the new scenarios added a couple months ago so @DodoNotDoDo could you look into it?

image image

I’ve also discovered this bug happening with my Joan of Arc and Kotyan Khan campaigns.

Oh and the AoE: DE part of the site is just flat out broken in more ways than one.

Hi @FoughtBird1976,

Same for me.

Sadly, there is no dedicated forum section to report bugs about the website. You can try to submit a request via : Submit a request – Age of Empires Support

I just hope they add a section dedicated to website suggestions/bug_reports in the future to avoid topic spam in the nonrelative sections : AoE 1 players report in AoE1 section, AoE 2 players report in AoE2 section,etc…, and sometime here in insiders section, or on AoE Discord sections … :pensive: