A different outlook on AOE 4

First time making a post of my own here, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

I have played many RTS games over the years including all the AOE games, AOM, Warcraft 2-3, Starcraft 1-2 and have enjoyed all of them. Each one was different, yet someway similar to the other. Overtime, I even got into developing my own games and the first one I finished back in highschool was an RTS game.

I know there are alot of people who are interested in this game, and many who are not. But I would like to play devils advocate for a bit and share some of the things that I am excited about.

I am excited about how different this game is than the previous titles in the IP. I remember playing AOE 1 and making photon men to destroy the AI with my dad. I remember when AOE 2 came out and I could heard sheep back to my town, and how I had a guy on a horse to scout out the map early on. How my villagers could walk over farms and how I could have a king and protect him in a castle. I remember when AOE 3 came out and how I could use a cannon to curb stomp enemy villagers and boats. How the card system was worked to give me a choice in how I would run my little colony. When the native civs were introduced, I was excited because I could charge in with a bunch of horses instead of just a cannon. When the asian civs came in, I was excited to use samurai, and elephants to destroy my enemies. When AOE O was being worked on, I was excited because of the different quests I could go one that had some significance to the civ I was playing. Each civ was vastly different from one another with some units still being the same. The cartoony style caught my eye as something different and bright.

All four of these games have the same formula, but introduced something different in each one. I never got into playing competitively until SC2, and even then, I never really got far.

As to AOE 4, when I saw the sheep running after the scout, I was hyped! No more getting my sheep stolen enroute to my town. When I saw the different civs, and that their buildings actually looked different from age 1, I was excited, especially with the roads being built between them. When I saw the stylized textures on units, buildings, and terrain, I thought it was very refreshing from the more realistic approach in 2-3, and the cartoony-nes of AOE O. When I played in the Stress Test, I played as the Chinese, the civ I am the most excited about. The Nest of Bees was awesome to watch as tiny rockets shot out and decimated armies. I was excited when I saw the Mongols, and although they did not get the chance to use their cavaly, I was excited because I could get more sheep, and have cavalry archers that shot while moving. I saw the landmark objective and was excited because I had a more clear goal. Instead of having to hunt down my enemy, I could just destroy those buildings. When I saw that I could stealth my units in a forest and ambush enemy armies, I thought it was super cool! I even used it once in a multiplayer game, and even though I lost, It was exhilarating to try something sneaky like that and bait my opponent into the open to rush them from where they were hidden.

Of course, Im not saying the game is perfect, and honestly, I don’t want the game to be perfect. I really feel that having this game be different from the previous titles is a good thing and I am excited to play. If I wanted to play any of the other AOE games, I could download them and play them. But to me, AOE 4 being different and having its own set of mechanics like archers on the walls, arrows that never miss, and an armor system that invited me to add units I would almost never use into my armies is something I will enjoy exploring more on the 28th.

I know its a long post, so I apologize for having so much to read. But I hope that this game does well, even with the differences it has from previous titles. I even plan to try playing 1v1’s since it excites me to see what others will come up with, which for me, washes the fear of being a horrible player away.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I wish you all a happy day!



Not sure…

Your writing feal like a pure publicity of aoe team, to try to boost sell and hide the people complain. XD

I am happy for you, to like all the aoe series.

You are the number 1 perfect fan, whit a pure different outlook on aoe 4, that is only perfection.



Well, If they felt like paying me, id be down to do so. But I felt like with all the negativity, I just had to throw in some extra positivity in here :smiley:


Well, it’s nice to read a positive post.

I have expectations for this game. I played during the stress test, they were not met. So what? The final version will be better than the stress test version. And it will continue to improve after Day 1, as the others AOE games did. I had expectations with AOK, AOM, AOE3 and they were never met. The games were never as perfect as I dreamed it would be. But I ended up having fun playing all those games. I expect that I will have fun playing this new game even if it is not exactly the game I was expecting.

I understand that we are in 2021 and a few things are to be expected. Apparently we will all have some deceptions. I just expect to have more pleasures than deceptions and I feel that this modest expectation will be met.


Indeed! There are some things I was hoping for, that I don’t think will happen and there are some things in the game that may not change, like how little damage some units do, or civs that I would like to see. But even with some of the disappointments, I don’t think it is enough to get excessively angry over. Now, if a few years down the road, there are no improvements, that is a different story!

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I feal like it is hard to keep the positivity up, for aoe4.

I still do love some things:

  • Seing villager gather limited resource and bring it to the reserve. (I would love to see more resources gathering and transportation)

  • Seing the scout capture sheep. (It will be cool to see scout capture other animals, like horse for the stable and be use to creaye more scout or cavalery unit)

  • Seing villager take time to build buildings. (It would be cool, to see village transport resourcess from the forest to the working site, by all the transformation process of the medieval time.)

  • Seing the siege weapon to take time to set up and be ready to attack.

  • Seing my units being able to walk on wall and figth on wall.

  • Seing tree.

  • Seing hiding units in the hidable forest.

  • Seing crop field and see the cool evolution of crop over time and be cultivated.

  • Seing the diferent art buildings, for each empire.

I think it resume mostly what i do like at the moment, in aoe4…


I love your choices! And yea, I understand that a lot of it has been underwhelming. But honestly, it could be a good thing. Remember Cyberpunk 2077? It received a lot of hype and on release, ended up not doing so well. Not having as much hype, could possibly help the game than being so hyped up, especially after 16 years. not exactly the best comparison but I think it gives a good perspective on a hopeful outcome.


I am absolutely hyped for this game as well.
I love how the town you are managing and the environment feels so alive. I think a lot has to do with the game sound they have.


I agree! I think its a mix of the sounds and how little fields and roads and objects are added to buildings. Its a great touch!


I can’t get over how good the sound design and music is. I’ve been listening to the Skyrim and Breath of the Wild OSTs for ages, but when AoE4 finally comes out I’ll have a contender. I don’t know why, but AoE4 hits me with nostalgia so hard even though it’s a new game. It’s like how I envisioned AoE1 as a kid.

My main favorites this game brings to the table is something like this.

-Beautiful art style that looks like a Renaissance painting. It’s not the most important thing but it’s a nice one.

-Sound design

-The shepherding. God I get tired of manually selecting every sheep in AoE3 to send home just for another scout to roll around and grab them up.

-Landmarks. They’re reminiscent of my personal favorite game in the series (AoM) with it’s ageing system. It’s a lot more choice than ‘one settler wagon’ or ‘seven skirmishers.’

-More historically accurate faction names. In AoE2 there’s just Vikings or Celts (which the first is just flat out stupid and the second is way too big of a people). The Abbasid Dynasty should be a Caliphate but it’s still better than calling them Arabs or something.

-The walls are so fecking great. They’re sized well, are detailed well, and you can station troops on them. Siege is great in general.

-Stealth. Never used it in either beta but it looks like it would be hella fun in a custom match with friends. I’ve played AoE3 and AoM customs so many times that I know where my friends typically go and what units they take the most.

-Influence system. It’s especially cool for the English with their realistically placed farms and mills. It makes it look a lot more like a medieval town than the other titles.

Overall I have high hopes. I’m staying as positive as possible without defending the game in every instance. There are many criticisms I have but I like talking about the good things for once.


Nice points! I totally forgot about the influence system since I mostly played the Chinese. The music for each civ is on point as well! Thanks for sharing your favorites :smiley:

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Thank you for bringing these refreshing and mature insights to the game. I own every AOE game my self except AOE OL witch I never really fell for. I play mostly AOE 2 but Im looking forward to number 4 with great enthusiasm. All those things you mentioned I agree on and Id like to add that I also liked the navy units and the way they mooved and acted. I am sure this will be a great game to play and maybe someday we will meet and play it. It would be great fun. :sunglasses: