A discover

I discove that you can use 100f and 100w to build a tp ,then use explorer to build it faster.
It seems that 100f and 100w is always a better choice than 200w.
Maybe that is a bug?
bug.age3Yrec (6.4 MB)

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isso foi posto no jogo desde o ultimo patch e pra ser desse jeito mesmo não e um bug


They also generate experience (0.35/s). In case of not being royal houses, or not being Africans who take the alliance, since they gain influence in the native TP.

No, it is not.
Devs, along with players found that natives were underutilized, and as a result made several steps to make using natives easier, or at least easier to get into.
Last time I checked, you still have to pay the full 200 to build TPs on trade routes.
Also, Royal houses do not provide a exp trickle.