A documentary about the production of the game

Sooner or later everything about the game will be known. But what about the story behind it?

How did everything start? How was the reboot of the series decided after many years? When did the development actually begin and how did MS come to partner with Relic?

What was the vision, the challenges, the drawbacks, the dilemmas, the hardships, the back and forths of the team, was the direction of the game ever questioned or significantly changed in the process? Or was it a journey of confidence all along?

Had the team any ideas that were not implemented out of tech, budget or time limitations?

How exactly did the community feedback play its role, in what way did it change the game and what exactly was learnt by the making of the definitive editions that affected AoEIV? Was any actor from Ensemble Studios summoned to the team?

Such questions and more that one could ask is what I personally love listening to, it creates a special emotional bond with the game and the people behind it and you can appreciate what you see more when you know its story and details behind it.

Especially for those who have been patiently waiting for a very long time for this title, that would be an excellent addition to a Collector’s Edition.
Similar small documentaries were made in the past like:
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Devs need to watch this to be sure they dont miss playtesting. Im so afraid of 4. 3 is horrible.