A fairly wacky idea for the Portuguese

I’ll get straight to the point about this idea as a new civ bonus:

Units’ gold cost applies only after they die

It’s not possible for me to test this, but what do you think are the consequences of this bonus? What do you think of this idea in general?
Just a thought.

are you talking like a refund on death? or are you talking when they die you get charged the gold the unit would cost.
latter is busted. all i gotta do is sell my excess gold for extra resources and never have gold and i got a bunch of gold free units.

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I don’t really think this would work because you could invest more gold than you have which means you would go into negative gold? I don’t really know how that would work.


So, I just build 4 archery ranges in feudal and spam 25 wood archers until I’m pop capped?

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Absolutely not! Makes no sense, and would be a trainwreck from a gameplay perspective.