A few AI bugs

I found that the AI AOE4 fight in the same battle, the longer time continue, the more serious AI problems happened. Especially in the later stage, AI becomes more and more stupid with the passage of time. AI is really tired in the later.So I did an test. In the same battle of AOE4, I play for 10 minutes each time, and save it, and then turn off the computer, After 1 hour, load again and continue to play for 10 minutes, then save and turn off the computer,and after 1 hour, load,and continue the previous operation. Then I found that the capacity of each archive file will be larger than before.I didn’t find such a problem in other games, but only in AOE4. I think this is also a big bug,this bug is not good for players who like to fight protracted war and tug of war with AI. I know that many players like protracted war and tug of war and the AI for some reason the more it plays the weaker it gets.

AI will not produce and assemble large-scale troops, especially in the late game state.
In addition, AI farmers often walk aimlessly.

Appreciate the report @VisionedTuba52! Improved AI is definitely something the team is looking into. Thank you for the details!

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