A Few General Questions

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long post :(.

I have looked around a bit for some answers, however, I still have a few unanswered questions that I hope somebody could take the time to help me out with. First of all, this seems a bit silly, but I spent a few minutes trying to sign into the community forums for Age of Empires and kept getting messages such as “there is no password associated with this account” or something along those lines. I finally just clicked other and entered a name, and so my questions are (details below questions):

1) Am I actually signed into my account or is this just a temporary name that I can post with?
It’s a bit hard to explain, if you don’t quite know what I mean by clicking other and entering a name try it yourself in an incognito window where you’re not signed in.

2) If this is just temporary, which I’m pretty sure it is, how do I sign into my Microsoft account?
When I try to it tells me I have no password with this account, and when I click the link that takes me to reset my password, my email is not recognized and when entering my gamertag it does not yield any confirmation email (I checked spam).

3) How do I see if I have the Insider badge, and is there any set date that we will find out if we have been selected for beta participation?
Completely unrelated from the other questions, I’m just wondering how to verify if I am signed up for the Insider Program. I understand that some people are having problems and that you supposedly receive a badge for it, but even having looked around I cannot figure out how to view my badges to be sure that I signed up correctly.

I’m a long-time AOE lover, I hope you guys understand my paranoia here; I’m really anxious to get into this program.

Thank you to anybody who took the time to read all of that, any help is greatly appreciated!