A Few Ideas for remake

Since I’ve seen the report that AoE is getting a remaster with updated gameplay, I was just thinking that maybe developers could take some suggestions from userbase and hear our side of the story like what WE want to see in the game.
Now, first things first, I respect the work of people who take their time to produce game, and I do not want to get into details but, after playing Aoe 1 2 and 3 there are simply a few things that I consider would we worth introducing…

1.Market Exchange rate.
The idea about market seems nice where you can actually trade resources and focus on only one and then later on buy things such us, gold or I dunno stone or whatever, but the problem with all the games was that the rates were HUUGEE!
I mean, you get like what, 20 gold for 100 food in late game?
Didn’t really work for me I think it should be static, like 50 gold=100 food and so on.

2.Population Limit.
Taking into a consideration there are a lot of players who like to player the game a different way then lets say… “pros” play it, how bout letting us have a mod where you can build up to infinite workers/warriors alike?
I mean, 200 is good enough but, why not extending that number?
Sometimes a player just wants to have fun with the AI to test his abilities, and I don’t think 200 is good enough in that case…

3.Infinite resources.
This one IS a bit tricky and controversial but imagine it would be possible for resources to “replenish” after a while like in terms of gold mines or trees growing back after being used?
This would make the game last longer and could allow the players to focus more on warfare rather then economy.

4.Big maps support and 8v8 player mode.
I know this may sound crazy, but if there IS a slightest of possibility of introducing even bigger maps into the game where up to 8 players per a team could battle it would sure be AWESOME!
I think that given the circumstances today, the gaming equipment we posses now is far superior to the one from 90s so maybe introducing this kind of a thing couldn’t be impossible at all.

PLEASE NOTE, I’m not saying all of these things necessarily NEED to be in the game,but having an extra mod like this, and allowing us to mod the game even further could really help game live longer in the long run. I know a couple of games that stayed popular mainly due to their modes rather then core gameplay.
Perhaps it would be a wise option for Age of Empires to do the same, what do you guys think?