A few odd internal quirks and strange attribute designs with the new civilizations I want to point out

Game Version:

  • Build (33059)


  • The “Steppe Husbandry” UT for the Cumans reduces the Train Time of the Scout Cavalry and Cavalry Archer lines of a multiplication of “0.2” instead of “0.6”, which is actually 80%. With Conscription, the Tech as it is right now makes Cuman Hussars train in 5 Seconds and Heavy Cavalry Archers train in 4.5 Seconds. These are faster build speeds than Fully Upgraded Huskarls! With the True 80% Train Time reduction and Conscription, this would make the Hussar and Heavy Cavalry Archer build times 15 Seconds and 13.5 Seconds respectively.

  • Kipchaks have the exact same projectile as Chu Ko Nu’s. This is why Kipchaks melt Rams because they have the exact same “0 Melee” quirk that Chu Ko Nu’s have. They should have an unique projectile without the 0 Melee attack.

  • Stirrups grant Konnicks an Attack Rate of 1.45. This is the exact same Attack Rate of Samurais. They simply do not need this. Period.

  • Elite Dismounted Konnicks have one less attack compared to their mounted counterpart, but Non-Elite Dismounted Konnicks still have the full 12 attack…

  • If the Lithuanians “+150” Food bonus was applied exclusively to a discount to the “Feudal Age” Technology instead, the Bonus would basically be the same, but without the “Safety Net” at the beginning of the game. This bonus could be further tuned down to 25% or 20% (-125f or -100f) without overstepping on the Italians bonus, where as people already complain that the current bonus is too similar to the Persians.

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