A few ways to improve the scenario editor

I’m going to have to look into that, but if there isn’t already a way to turn it off it would definitely be useful to have!

It’s a particle effect in the particles folder. if you change it to point at a blank .dds file, that’s probably the safest way to “remove” it. You could also just delete the particle files too, but that’s a little more destructive and may cause problems internally.

Edit: Another alternative would be to edit the .dat file with AGE to find the Hero unit that you want to remove the effect from, and edit its graphic IDs to not use the particle effect deltas. seen here:

Edit2: I think it’d be nice to have a way to remove hero effects from specific units, maybe with a trigger or something, from the editor – though looking at how the hero glows have been implemented, it would probably be something quite difficult without the ability to switch a unit’s graphic IDs in-game.

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Have noticed that we dont have hero Version of all Units, like rattan archer and the Condottieri, propobly not the most important, since we can add regen to units as i understand it, and create fake heroes, with icon change, but they are still lacking in 2 ways, hero glow and where they line will line up when they are told to line up. I figure its more low priority stuff, for either the glow and line up, or new hero units, but since this is the thread for it, eh, why not?

Hi, I’ve tried your suggestion to remove the glow delta entry from the various modes of the Savar hero unit. However, when I save the changes, the AGE Editor just shuts down. and when I open it up again the changes to the deltas are not saved. Any idea why?

Also, is anyone looking at why the graphic previous window shows nothing?

Because AGE wasn’t built for 2DE’s format, and the AGE prvided by 2DE is just a very simple collection of extra fields to fit data that 2DE needs. The graphics don’t show because AGE expects SLPs and .DRS files, and gets none of that from 2DE.

Also dunno about the deltas, but if that didn’t work then you could also try this:

Change “Particle Effect Name” to be blank.

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Hi, still no luck. The fundamental issue is that none of the changes made in AGE editor seem to save correctly. When I open it up again, its unchanged.

New additions (which I still cannot add to the OP for some reason):


  • I would suggest reintroducing the “glitch” that the 1.0c patch fixed, where you could use the “Erase” function on walls to remove the wall end (tower) without it affecting the rest of the wall, i.e. without turning the wall adjacent to the removed wall into a wall end (tower). This glitch was often very useful to designers who could have more control over wall placement and how the walls looked. The glitch was caused by the “Erase” function only removing the graphic of the wall, while the scenario still registered a wall object being present, thus leaving the adjacent walls with their original graphics. This could perhaps be reintroduced as a separate option for the “Erase” fuction, an “Erase Wall Ends” option alongside “Erase Gaia Objects” and the rest.

  • If you import a scenario from HD in which a single player has all the (available) palaces, that player retains all those palaces in DE. However, they cannot be map copied, as when you do that the map copied version defaults to the Aachen Cathedral.


  • If an object has longer name than usual, its name will be cut off and scrolling extremely slowly, even if there is enough space to show the full name. This appears to start happening when the name exceeds 29 characters in length. Also, it doesn’t look very good to have scrolling name for any object as you only have half a second to start reading the name before the first letters disappear.

  • You can’t hold CTRL to skip past full words when typing in text boxes, the chat etc. The same goes for marking the text with CTRL+SHIFT.

  • It would be nice if, when you click “New Effect” and there are no triggers, the editor automatically created the first trigger for you. I cannot count the times I have tried to add effects to a trigger that didn’t yet exist.

  • It’s impossible to use the Item ID of any unit we can’t naturally select from the select object menu. If we type an Item ID in, switch effects, and then come back to this effect, the ID resets to -1. Either allow us to type in the ID or allow us to select projectiles and dead units from these select object lists.

Various: (not all editor-specific)

  • Some units, when unhidden from the editor with AGE, don’t show up in-game whilst others do. EG: I unhid “Blue Tree” and it doesn’t show up in the editor.

  • You often cannot click on individual units in an amy by clicking their icon in the bottom screen.

  • You can’t task units to a place on the minimap anymore.

  • You cannot click the unit/tech currently being created/researched to stop the process and get your resources back. We demand a refund!

  • When you play a scenario online it doesn’t save the file in the scenario folder as it used to. I can’t select the scenario from (the folder where it is now saved) either in the editor or when setting the map in the lobby.

  • Have noticed that we dont have hero Version of all Units, like rattan archer and the Condottieri, propobly not the most important, since we can add regen to units as i understand it, and create fake heroes, with icon change, but they are still lacking in 2 ways, hero glow and where they line will line up when they are told to line up. I figure its more low priority stuff, for either the glow and line up, or new hero units, but since this is the thread for it, eh, why not?


  • One feature that has always been lacking in AoE2 is sound control. You can play sounds, but not pause or stop them unless using the “Display Instructions” effect, which prevents any new instructions from being displayed until the sound effect (which can be minutes long) has ended. Here is a two-fold proposal on how to remedy this:

  • First, add more options to the “Play Sound” effect. These can include: volume (with a textbox/slider that goes from 0-100%, set by default to 100%); sound source, allowing the designer to select an object/location on the map where the sound comes, allowing for directional sound effects (one could also have a slider that goes from 100% left to 100% right, set to 0%/center by default); a checkbox for automatic looping, for custom music pieces; fade in/fade out checkboxes with timer textboxes; and a sound classification dropdown menu, with, for example: 1) Sound Effect, 2) Speech, 3) Music, 4) Ambient Sound.

  • Second, the addition of a “Sound Control” effect. This can in turn serve a two-fold purpose: first, it should allow the designer to modify anything played by the “Play Sound” effect: change volume to a sound file already playing; change the volume of all sounds set to a certain sound class, marked 1-4 above, so that music can be lowered without affecting say dialogue; the ability to set the sound settings for the scenario, i.e. the “Music Volume” and “Sound Effects Volume” otherwise only accessible through the options menu - this way the player doesn’t have to manually change their sound settings to fit the scenario; stop sound playing and stop sound class playing; and set global volume.

  • This can also be followed by a (or multiple) “Sound” condition(s), allowing for the game to check if a certain sound is playing, what the global volume or sound class volume is, etc. One suggestions includes separate conditions for: is “X” tag/class playing, is Tag/class “X”'s volume (Insert Number from 0-100), is Tag/class “X” fading in/out, is Tag/class “X” playing in Y object, Tag/class “X” Loop counter (insert number of ‘laps’), is Global volume set to (insert number from 0-100), is Tag/class “X” muted, & is Global muted.

  • I would love love love the ability to freeze animations. It would give so much more flexibility for creating ruins, for instance: place, say, a wonder; destroy it; and freeze it x frames into the destruction animation.

  • Add an effect to remove hero halo, it’s not always useful to have a big glow around your main characters.


Can we have some advice on how to add/convert graphics to add as sprites/eye candy into the scenario editor.

This is an amazing list of things. Really hope this becomes a focus thing once they fix all the multiplayer issues, since the Community content is one of the main reasons that this game is still alive.


I support your list ! It’s fantastic. The tool “Modify attribute” have a big potential and I hope that will be fixed. I love modify units, buildings, and create custom role play scenario or short story and, in fact, I think the editor can be improve. Your post need more visibility :slight_smile:

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New additions after some more experimenting:

Units tab:

  • The Heavy Swordsman beta unit no longer has any graphics.

  • The “Contraption” is my new favourite object, but unfortunately it does not have an attack sound.

  • Unsure if this is a bug or just the way the unit is intended, but the Mounted Samurai has no samurai-like graphics, it’s just a Hussar.

  • The hero glow on ship heroes looks a bit ridiculous to be honest, it’s like they are constantly enveloped in faint flames.

  • Often when scrolling through unit the lists with the arrow or letter keys, you can go a couple steps and then it just stops working and you have to select an object in the list for it to start working again. This appears to be because the Garrison box is automatically selected/highlighted. This also happens for basically any trigger effect that has a textbox

Terrain tab:

  • Sometimes the function of using letter or arrow keys to move among units, terrains etc. just completely shuts off, and you have to restart the game to get it to work.

  • After painting a terrain, you can’t type a letter to jump to another terrain


  • It’s annoying to have to click the “Reset” button for Set location before you can select another one. Instead, you could just have the “Reset” button be dark until a location/area/target has been set, instead of the “Set X” button going dark

  • The same issue affecting the Units tab affects triggers as well: whenever an effect has a textbox, you can only use the arrows or letter keys once or a few times before the textbox is selected, causing you to not be able to scroll the object/effects list anymore.

  • It used to be (prior to HD) that creating a Flare object with triggers marked an X on the minimap, just as a Flare does when you manually mark one in game. Adding this back in would be an improvement as it is useful for a lot of things, specifically when you want to show a location without revealing it, or highlight a location that has already been explored.


  • The “OMTBO” object does not appear in objects list even after unhiding it with the new version of AGE. Perhaps this is an issue with AGE and not the game, but the exact same issue existed in AoE2:HD for which AGE had been optimized.

  • The same issue exists for various other hidden objects; when unhidden, they still do not appear in the editor. For example: Blue Tree, Spy, trail smoke, fldog, Llama buildings, bolt explosion and all of the buildings with “(Rubble)” in their names.

  • HP bars sometimes appear widely off target. This appears to be an issue only when you play with a non-native screen resolution. Has been reported by other users: (Health bars and selection rectangle don't scale with resolution)


  • Global victory: It would be nice to be able to set a custom Score and Time Limit.

  • If an “Unhide All Hidden Objects” button is added to the Units tab, the option to “Unhide All Except Missiles” should preferably also be added.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • No idea why the Flaming Camel was added but I like it!

  • Not a bug, but I do wonder why so many object were duplicated with the original ones hidden?


Really would love the unhide all units feature! This would greatly enchance scenario designing!

Would also love if theyd fix the modify attribute trigger. Changing attack, armor en several others like max projectiles just doesnt work…

Any way to remove the flames for the Bactrian camel moving? We need a caravan camel unit. We need it for Silk Road scenarios…

You can edit the unit in AGE, find its standing graphic ID and check what particle effect is being used. access that graphic ID and set the “particle name” field blank.

Would it be possible for us to get a “Upgrade Unit” trigger effect? It’s an amazingly useful feature of UserPatch for designers and it’s sad we only have a “Replace Object” that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

I’d also like a way to toggle unit visibility in fog of war via the Modify Attribute, if it’s possible to expose that value.

Can you roll the “Object Visible” and “Object Not Visible” into one condition that is just “Object Visible” with an invert checkbox?

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I like your suggestions and will be adding them to the list! I’d oppose combining the two conditions Object Visible/Object Not Visible, though, because it would break the backwards compatibility with older maps that use both conditions, and there’s a ton of them. Although, if DE automatically turned those older “Object Not Visible” conditions into the new “Object Visible” with the inverse chechbox checked, so that older maps still work as intended, we could both have our cake and eat it.

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I’m not suggesting removing the existing triggers, It’d make much more sense to just hide the Not Visible condition from the trigger list, so it stays in the game for compatibility’s sake, but when used in the editor you only have the combined option.

Alright, that makes sense. I guess the devil’s in the details here; you could have the condition hidden for new scenarios, but still visible in the conditions list for older scenarios that already use it. You could even have a line in the effect description saying: “This is a legacy Condition from an older version of the game. To create the same effect in a new scenario, use the ‘Object Visible’ condition and tick the ‘Inversion’ box.”

I’d also like to point out;

There’s a “Khan” unit that should be a Hero.

Also, it should be noted that “Farmer” and various other “villager job units” appear in the trigger effect’s unit list when using “Modify Attribute”, but this Farmer is only the Male farmer, we have no option to select the Female farmer without modding the data to reveal her, which with 2DE is really hit-or-miss if it will actually reveal the unit properly.

Edit: I also noticed that the Condition “Accumulate Attribute” really should say “Accumulate Resource”.

Some new additions:


  • Perhaps a Camel Caravan unit could be added, basically a Flaming Camel minues the flame.

  • The “Khan” unit is probably better suited to be a Hero unit, rather than a regular soldier.


  • It should be noted that “Farmer” and various other “villager job units” appear in the trigger effect’s unit list when using “Modify Attribute”, but this Farmer is only the Male farmer, we have no option to select the Female farmer without modding the data to reveal her, which with 2DE is really hit-or-miss if it will actually reveal the unit properly.


  • The ability to toggle unit visibility in FOW through modify attribute would be handy.
  • It might be a good idea to combine the “Object Visible”/“Object Not Visible” conditions into a single condition with an “Inverse” checkbox. Importantly, though, the old “Object Not Visible” condition would need to remain, perhaps as a hidden condition, to make sure not to break backwards compatibility with older scenarios that utilize the old condition.
  • Perhaps the condition “Accumulate Attribute” could be renamed “Accumulate Resource” to more accurately reflect what it does.
  • A new “Change Terrain” effect, with a selectable area.
  • A “Map Copy” effect, with a selectable area and a target area to match.
  • A “Night” colour mood. Basically the same look as FOW. A nice (but perhaps very labour intensive) feature here would be for lights in building windows, Tarkan torches etc. to still emit light, but nothing else
  • An "Upgrade Unit "effect, similar to the one in the UserPatch


  • The mapshot feature (CTRL+F12), removed since HD, should be reintroduced.

Can we have a way to set a players starting resources to infinite or random?

I’d also like to point out that 2DE is dangerous to use with any map that contains certain hidden units that used to have graphics, but now do not, such as Berserk, Heavy Swordsman, OMTBO, STRBO, etc etc.

Modify Attribute with Projectile Unit just straight up doesn’t work. it does something weird to the ID number and it doesn’t correlate to the actual projectile ID.

I’ve also worked out how to make any unit visible in the Editor, and it requires each unit having a string ID. Why do internal names no longer work for the editor?

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