A fix on the Hautevilles campaign

I was playing the Hautevilles campaign. In the intro the narrator speaks with a French accent, because Sicilians are originally from Normandy. However, in-game, the units speak Italian. It’s disturbing. This caused me a cognitive dissonance. After listening to my units say ### sè* or Attaccamu for a while, all objects in my room started to move around. My head really hurt and finally I puked. Then my mother went into the room to ask me what was wrong. Her tongue was forked and her eye globes were dark red and popping out. So please, fix this.

EDIT: okay, what is really causing me a cognitive dissonance is why is the first Italian “yes” censored???

I’m assuming the second part is a joke. Either way, it’s highly erroneous that the Sicilians represent the Normans in-game. It really doesn’t make sense. The Normans are one of the most famous people groups from the Middle Ages, and they can’t even be in the game under their own name. Insulting.

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Has this been fixed yet?

Please stop:
A) Complaining about things that don’t matter
B) Making a big deal out of this stuff and writing in a style that comes across as really hyperbolic
C) Expecting stuff to change immediately after you’ve complained
It just makes sure that basically nobody is interested in what you have to say, because it’s genuinely really annoying.


I think he’s satirically mocking that other user who makes absurd demands, but I could be wrong.

That is how I already feel in general.

Sicilians civ. represent the Norman Sicily, not the Normans vaguely. In that sense, the ruling class and only them were of Norman origin indeed.

They represent Norman’s and kingdom of Sicily/Naples too along with being the generic crusader civi which was previously the teutons.

Normans are French. They spoke french, they fought like french, had a government alike the frenxg one, they specialized in buikding fortifications, they had a similar economy, etc