A Fresh Perspective

I recently took a break from Age 4 after the months of frustration I think many have experienced from this game. I even took a step back from the forums here which I’ve put more effort into than any game before, because I honestly love the Age franchise, and want it to prosper so bad. My experience, unfortunately, sucked a lot of passion out of me. Its only been like two weeks, but let me say, I’m so much more happier with my gaming experiences playing other games that I used to play before Age 4 came out. These include other strategy games (including Age II), shooters, sports, you name it. After going back to them I realized how fundamentally unpolished, and conceptually flawed Age 4 is. I’m not gonna give a list of examples. I’ve done this plenty in the past, and as I can see, the frustrations for this game are still high and being voiced.

I’ve gone through the stages of disappointment in this game, from initial excitement of another rendition of my favorite game being released, to confusion of its flawed state however still excited for future updates, to frustrations in the speed and focus of updates, and then, eventually anger due to my recognition that the changes necessary to make this game regularly enjoyable were unlikely to come any time soon, and perhaps after playing it regardless over the last few months, apathy after realizing updates may not even be able to fix the game at all.

I’m not giving up hope on this game completely… I’m not so sure I ever could. However, I’ve also realized that there’s just so many better games out there that I can dedicate my time to, that are well made, and I can consistently have a good time with. I’m kind of upset it took me 4 months to get the perspective I needed, but I’m glad I finally took a step back to get it. I recommend everyone who’s been feeling drained from this game do the same.

In the meantime ill be checking in every once in a while, but I don’t think I’m gonna invest any more energy into this game.


This perspective feels a bit stale. It reads like the same topics you’ve made in February, January and December.

Did you know that they have released a PUP of Spring update and that you can make mods right?

Just , curiosity.

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Another thread that does not provide a constructive opinion and where there will be more negative and apocalyptic comments.


Like I said, I’ve been frustrated for a while. My “fresh perspective” was taking a step back and being able to validate how I felt based on experiences in other games, not the frustration I was experiencing when I played Age 4 exclusively.

This is a fair criticism, however, as stated, I don’t feel the need to regurgitate what we already know about what this game needs. My post is about how my experience with this game holds up in comparison to others.

Hey, thanks! I did actually recently see this. Its a step in the right direction. :+1:

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i still dont understand these mods thing… so now we can select new maps in custom mode? with new rules???

Yes you will be able to do that

mods are custom tools to customize the game , people are already changing the UI .

You can also make maps and new game modes . is a new world.

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Unfortunately UI mods can’t be used outside of singleplayer and custom games, unlike in past games that have support for the functionality, not saying it isn’t coming eventually, but its not there atm