A good advice of the Chinese handmortar

It is said by a friend @UpmostRook9474 ,this is really a good idea,it can make the handmortar more effective and will not make it too strong.
This is the advice:
Send a card(My advice is that card will cost 1000 gold and also enhance the flamethrower and the flying crow)
“To the handmortarThey use 2 pop because it fits with how they look visually, a crew of two. The improvement could be to simply give them +100% health and attack power, but only +75% cost. This way, the combat power per pop is still the same but relatively cheaper and faster to train."

Give them as much range as a culverin so that they don’t get countered by heavy canons, great bombards and fixed gun. All units they are supposed to counter but when microed, gets destroyed.

This idea will make handmortar more effective

Hand mortar already get 34 range, same as culverins and more than heavy canons/great bombards/flaming arrows (28) and more than culverins/organ guns (26), and more than siege elephants (28+2).

If your hand mortar do not have 34 range, it is a bug.

I dont like changes when it is not needed (like this one), but I wouldnt mind as long as the shipments are updated accordingly. Because 7 hand mortar and team 4 hand mortar in age 3 would be OP otherwise.

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I checked and you are right, the problem then lies on their 1.2 speed vs 1.6 from culvs in firing mode and that they only deal damage in trickles, allowing heavy artillery to just shoot and kite back without much consequence.

So after this, I gotta say I agree with OP. I’d also make them faster even.

Pretty interesting change for Mortar, though the +100% attack part got me question. How will it be changed from? From current 5 +100% to 10 damage, or straight increase from 5 to 10 base damage (therefore more damage from upgrade and cards.)?

It will better if it 3.5 speed .

I guess this is +100%.

It will make hand mortars dominate anti-artillery fights

hand mortars with an extra 100 HP would mean that it will take 2 culverin shots before it dies

and so a batch of 5 hand mortars will one shot and trade 2 hand mortar pop for 4 culverin pop. Then the hand mortars reloads faster so they will get 2 more volleys off to kill the second culv before the second culv can fire off the 2 shots needed to kill a second hand mortar

right now it takes 10 hand mortars to do so and the need to micro hand mortars balances them against the culvs.

it basically makes it so that no civ can use cannons against china and flying crows already counters other artilery

Considering that the population is also +100%, which means that the improved HM is just 2 old HMs merged into 1, then killing 1 improved HM is equivalent to killing 2 old HMs.

Theoretically, the actual buff should be on their training and cost. Since the cost is only increased by less than 100%, they actually become a bit cheaper, and the lack of change in training speed means that combat power per population only takes half the time after the buff.

Sure they’ll get a better micro experience as a result, but that’s incidental.

The end of the scenario will play out differently

if it was the 1 pop hand mortar, then the culv can still kill 1 extra hand mortar before dying so china loses 3 pop in the engagement, assuming perfect micro

In the 2 pop scenario, it is almost impossible for the second culv to kill a second hand mortar before it dies (it has to fire twice while taking longer to reload) so china comes out only losing only 2 pop

A diffirence of 1 pop, seems to be okay? You still make the second HM injured so the third Culv can kill it in one shot.

It should really makes HM better, since if using the card doesn’t help the battle, then people won’t use it.
I don’t mind lowering the improvement a bit, however given that the HMs’ population has to be increased to 2, I don’t know how to make the player feel like they are actually better if the health and attack are not increased to 100%.

it means that china comes out of the engagement much stronger, if the opponent is having to make a 3rd culv just to kill a second hand mortar then they are trading 12 culverin pop for 4 hand mortar pop. The culv will kill 1 hand mortar and then require another 2 shots to kill another.

Meanwhile the hand mortars will fire off 1 volley with 4 and then will kill the culv on the second volley with 3. Its an unreasonable trade efficiency

hand mortars are for building and fighting normal artillery from a safe distance, if they start being able to trade efficiently against culv china has no artillery counters.

You can give them and anti building attack with longer range to make sieging buildings safer but their stats are balanced enough.

like their stats used to be 10 in early TAD until they had to nerf that cause they were killing infantry at that level of stats

This card is very effictive to the handmortar,if the player don’t need it,he/she just don’t seed it.And we can use less number handmortar to complete our goal.

This card is very effictive to the handmortar,if the player don’t need it,he/she just don’t seed it.And we can use less number handmortar to complete our goal.And if the player want to send it,he/she will pay the price for the enhance,not get the enhance for free, that is not a kind of cheat and will not break the balance.

And don‘t worry friend,the Mircosoft may not take our advice,even they take,just don’t send this card hahahaha.

the card will basically be required for china if its a thing, its not like the fire dragon manual where its bad enough that its optional

If you want the card to be optional, it cant obviously be good

whatever change you want, hand mortars cannot be allowed to tank more than 1 culv shot

This card is really a good idea,it is just a matter that how many percent health and attack power will be improved and how many cost will be added for the handmortar.

It is just an idea,finally it will be decided by the Mircosoft.

I hope the mircosoft take this idea,and if they take it they will surely keep the balance.