A good advice of the Chinese handmortar

the highest % HP you will be able to add is 35%.

china can also get british consulate (7% HP), artillery combat (15% HP) and western reform (8% HP) (ignoring the other 2 artillery cards) so this way combined its an extra 65% HP for 3 cards. Then its about balanced

Also assuming you are adding 1 pop to it

So something like +35% stat for 2 pop

Oh,friend.I know you are more concerned about the HP,and what about the damage?Did you agree with +100%?

Atk you might have more leeway even then a pack of 5 hand mortars should not be able to 1 shot a culv

at best attack can increase by 50%

I prefer 60% because I want to round it hahaha, if 5+50% it may be 7.5!

if its 60% then with the addition of the age 3 combat card and the age 2 attack card they will one shot

Okay,if you insist.In fact 50% is also acceptable but is not so flawless.

Did you have something to say about this advice? @MatM1996

It seems fine to me…I don’t usually play with the Chinese that much…

I feel it is a good advice too,it can make the handmortar more effictive,not just a cannon fodder.

If this advice be true,the shipments also will be changed.