A key for just select stone defenses

The idea is to add a key, similar to alt with vils, that holding it and moving the mouse just select the defense buildings in it (just palisades, stone walls and gates).
WHy? Because sometiimes you want to delete some old palisades to make space or open path and you must to click one by one in the very little point if they are behind another building.
Yes, you can make double click but anyway is annoying because you take the risk of deleting some you don’t want, or fall again in unselect one by one which defenses you want to preserv.


At this point some sort of customizable system where you can plug a key and a unit/building/etc in to make as many hotkeys as you like seems like a great idea. I see people ask about a hotkey for xyz on the forums every time I’m here

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I think an solution would also be that if you select one wall segment, hold shift and select a diffetent wall segment, all segments that are connecting the two will be selected. Not the same as your suggestion, but it would reuse hotkeys.