"A Kingdom of our own" Alaric Pt. 5, impossible?

This mission just seems impossibly difficult to complete. No matter what I do, I just get pounded by all of the AI players at the same time, endlessly sending big waves of military units at me and I can’t do anything. I can’t attack any of them because I’m too busy struggling to survive against constant assaults from 3 different AIs, on both sides of my town. Even with like 6+ barracks at each side, and Conscription+Perfusion researched, I can’t create enough units to keep up with them.

I’d look for a guide but I can’t find any videos about this mission, so I’m assuming it’s something new for DE or something

I just finished that misson 30min ago on my first try on hard. I created a castle at the point where the water is smallest to keep out enemy ships and did a fish boom. Taking reds base should be your first priority because they only create Light Cav and Archers so its doable with a small army. As soon as you think its secure enough build the castle. All enemies give up as soon as the castle stands in their city. You can also snipe purple like it says in the tips. As soon as the hero dies they resign aswell. If you want you can also take out blue production buildings. they dont have villagers. After that the odds should be in your favor. Good luck!

Old response to this mission

It is kind of weird how you’re Goths and your special unit Huskarl counters archers, but they don’t make archers. Normally in scenarios, the scenario is done in such a way that it makes it your unique unit counter whatever your opponent makes. But this one doesn’t do that.

EDIT ~ Here is my old replay on version 33315. https://easyupload.io/86nkq6 (gone after 30 days)

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I tried that and it just doesn’t work. As soon as I get a castle up in red’s city, blue and purple just start going full ham and throwing 50+ units each at me and I get overrun really fast.

Also it looks like they fixed the bug with purple’s hero unit because I did what you said and ran a scout into their city, got the voice line, but nothing happened.

Did you try play it with easy level of difficulty?

Okay, after like 5 more tries I eventually managed to beat it. I put up a castle in the red town, and then with like 20 Barracks, just pumped out a massive army of Huskarls, and still just barely survived the onslaught from blue and purple; just after which, the purple hero unit apparently died against one of my other castles and purple resigned. From there, I switched over to Hussars and just kept fending off attacks from blue/cyan on the red town castle, while working my way into yellow with more Hussars and trebs. It took a while, but I took out the other towns one-by-one.

Definitely way harder than the other two missions. The other missions in Alaric, I beat them on Hard first try. Seems to be a recurring theme with AoE2 campaigns, that all of the missions are relatively easy and then the last one just kicks you in the nuts.

Super-cool scenario. After landing, I have assasinated Sarus and started a fishing boom. Exchanged half of the gold for wood and food at incredibly bad rates. I have built the first castle on the door of the red + 10 barracks. All red boats attacked the castle. Built an army of halebardiers as many as eyes can see, always pooring new ones + some huskars and 3 trebuchets. Red goes down easily. Blue attacked me when I was in the Cyan city. I tried to ignore them and progress to the yellow one. Bad mistake. I have spent another hour instead of a short blue clean-up. In total 1h and 30 mins.