A large loss of fps during the mass allocation of troops

I found a problem with optimization! The fact is that when you have a huge army and you select your troops with the mouse cursor, then the load of the video card drops to 30-40%.
In this photo, the troops are highlighted. Look at the FPS and the load of the video card:

But in this screenshot, the troops are not highlighted with the cursor and the fps is much higher (as is the workload of the video card):

I hope this will be fixed. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for your attention)

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Also in the main menu, sometimes for absolutely incomprehensible reasons, the FPS decreases down to 30 for a few minutes, and then rises again to 120 +. I don’t have FPS limits in my settings!

Campaign videos are not stable either. Sometimes the fps in them shows 100+, and sometimes 30-50. Very strange and interesting, what is it related to

My guess would be this is related to the game doing a poor job taking advantage of multiple cores / threads. I’ve seen similar situations in reall busy 4v4 mp matches. Where my FPS on my RTX 3080 at 1440p dips to 48-50 FPS while GPU utilization is less than 50 percent and on my 8700K one of the 12 threads is basically maxed out and the other 11 are barely being used.

Digital Foundry covers this in their video about AOE 4.

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Still having this issue after multiple patches. Anyone found a fix or know why its happening?

Thanks, all. We are aware and looking into this. If you experience this consistently, it would be super helpful if you could contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Appreciate it!