A list of names of pros which sneaked into noob games

So often it happens that pros, who perfectly master micro management, sneak into lobbies (they have not yet played any single ranking game and therefore have no rating according to which one could recognize them as such), which are expressly only for noobs (e.g. " Noobs 3vs3 “or” Beginners only "), who are far not that skilled. As soon as the game starts, they spoil the fun of the noobs, even if a certain contract period is set to prevent early rushes. So f.e. by taking away the sheep with perfect micro management, while building their own city effectively at the same time, or f.e. on Black Forrest maps prevent you from building your palisade walls. To warn other noobs like me about such unfair players, here is a list of their names, which I have had in the game so far. I also ask all other affected noobs to write such players here below.


Hi @Iamamonkey5936, Please report these players in game or if you are unable to use the in game reporting tool for some reason, please send the details to aoesupport@microsoft.com. Calling out players on the forums is against the forum code of conduct, so I’m closing this topic.