A list of suggestions

  1. If you put a castle on a hill, only the first arrow has a bonus damage. The bonus should apply to all arrows. Maybe someone will say “it would be OP”. Yes, that’s the point of winning the high ground.

  2. The attack animation of melee units should be in accordance to the rate of fire. Sure it will be less flashy for the pikemen who strike very 3 seconds. But a clear indicator of the rate of fire is needed.

  3. I don’t know if this has been fixed: when repairing a town center, you don’t spend stone. However, to start the repairing, you need to have stone, otherwise it will say “not enough resources”.

  4. Completely overhaul everything from the HD era. The prime example of this is Honfoglalas. The original version was atrocious. The new one is quite fun, given the novelty of having light cavalry and cavalry archers in Feudal. I know the Forgotten campaigns have been rediseigned. And I know that some changes have been made to the African and Sout-Easian ones. But it’s not enough. Just drop a bomb there and build again.


Pretty sure this has been fixed in one of the recent patches.

Sorta disagree with the rest, though for your second point I wouldn’t be surprised if the current way combat is done has a good reason for it, too.


I had no idea that only the main arrow of a castle benefits from the high ground bonus damage. Is it the same for towers, kipchaks and chu ko nu?


For towers it probably is - a garrisoned Castle also has a bonus for the first arrow only. For the archer units, I haven’t tested it yet.

Care to explain why?

  1. Winning high ground would snowball too hard, map generations can be a bit too random for such a powerful effect to take. Bonus damage on additional arrows would make towers and castles just too oppressive. It already is good, no need to make it oppressive.

  2. You’re not really constructive with criticisms, saying to ‘drop a bomb there’ would just mean making every campaign from scratch, with possibly new storylines etcetera. For what reason? Some people already like those, some people like them for the difficulty.

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Do you know what HD has, that DE doesn’t? Infite resources and endless unit spam for the AI. Those were lazy scenario design. Want me to be constructive? Well, my proposal is that they take the team which made the DE campaigns and employ them to redesign the HD ones.

What? Why would improving the SCENARIOS change the storylines? Those are completely different things.

So I want them to just take the money that magically grows on trees and just overhaul the campaigns, Kay thanks :+1:

Maybe just maybe… test it in game instead of complaining about it…

No, money doesn’t grow on trees. Let me explain it to you: companies ask for loans at the bank. With that money, they pay their employees. They win the investment back with sales.