A little preview of upcoming Aegidius campaign!

Just successfully finished testing the full, most complex scenario of the campaign, the siege of Arelate. Turns out to be difficult but incredibly fun to play, creating kill zones were you can apply devastating firepower, and min/maxing your few units potential in an epic “Defend the Spot” style scenario.

You know the map is good when it starts to look like a satellite picture from afar:

The scenario allows the player to make plenty of strategic choices at the beginning, all of which will drag consequences, positive or negative, during the next stages of the scenario:

This wasn’t scripted at all, but I ended up making my epic last stand in Arelate’s cemetery, covering for Aegidius’ escape as all defenses crumbled!

Tough to beat in Hard difficulty, but very rewarding and fun to play all throughout!

The campaign should release before Christmas, fully voiced over!


Just know that if it’s better than your previous ones I will envy you very badly lol. (I already am)
The image with centurion already points at that argh :joy:
Also last fight in a cemetery for a late Roman campaign? Say no more, you already convinced me.
How can you place columns on the bridge? They usually disappear when I do it… maybe the bridge has to be Gaia? :thinking:

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It should be better than my previous campaigns for sure. I’ll update them sometime after, with the voice overs as well, although Mehmed doesn’t need much else, but Nevski has a lot of work to refresh and polish.

Bridges are Gaia indeed. Normally if there’s no other collision, gaia objects don’t disappear on Bridges!

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How to make picture 1 through Capture Age? So great!

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I believe the hotkey to hide the UI is “Alt+O”, if that’s what you mean.

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Great works! Is it the solution?Thanks!

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Looks great. Can’t wait!

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I just dezoom and take a screenshot regular way, either through Steam, either F12 and retrieve the picture through Photoshop.

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Wait, you’re making a scenario where you can defeat the franks and save the last remnant of the Western Roman Empire?! Wow.

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That’s one way to look at it, but late Roman history is a really passionate and complex history ^^

Technically, although he fought the Franks under Aetius’ campaigns, Aegidius eventually became King of the Franks himself during Childeric’s exile, and he had close ties to the Salian Franks during his life.
Once he cut ties with the Empire - by refusing to recognize Ricimer’s puppet after Majortian’s assassination - he ceded large chunks of lands to the Salian Franks to secure further the alliance.
When Childeric returned, he fought in Aegidius’ army at Aurelianorum (Orléans) along with the Alano-Sarmatians against the Visigothic armies lead by Frederic, brother of king Theodoric II.

What Aegidius managed to do is essentially to keep the heart of the Roman civilization in Northern Gaul almost totally intact through the entire period of the Barbarian Invasions, which is an exploit in itself. This ember of civilization was then picked up by the Franks after they took over Aegidius’ successor, and this territory became the heart of West Frankia, and gave birth to Carolingian Empire which is in many ways the restored Western Roman Empire under Frankish rule.

Without Aegidius, a Gaul in ruins would have probably became a constant battlefield between the Franks, the Visigoths and the Burgundians, and the Carolingian Empire probably would have never existed.

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It promises to be very interesting, in fact the scenario you mention, plus the level of difficulty or complex and difficult decisions, encourages even more strongly to go through such a campaign. The creation of death zones, relates as it does to the various actions in the individual locations. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :woozy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes, the campaign will have varied gameplay and comprehensive levels of difficulty.

In this one I wanted the player to be able to focus plainly on tactics and micro of military units, and not on economy at all. Your income will only come through military feats, beside a very small and slow gold trickle from the markets of the city, so long as they stand.

But you’ll get AI-coop Build & Destroy scenarii with cool side objectives as well, a Battle/deathmatch scenario. Overhaul I tried to emphasize replayability as well, with various ways to play most of the scenarii, or the use of various strategies.

My favourite historical period since ever!
Have you ever tried my own Constantinople campaign I made before Ror came out?
It’s gonna be part of a series I’m doing for late antiquity: next is about Carthage and will come out soon.
I’m also making a series about single late antiquity battles but for now I made only Adrianople.
I was always very curious to have your opinion on it!

You made “The end of the ancient world”?

Yeah I made that about Constantinople and the Adrianople scenario.

As a matter of fact Constantinople is one of the only campaign I played since a long while along with Hamister’s scenario about the Arthurian legend. I only played the first 3 scenarios though, as I have little time unfortunately.

I haven’t checked Adrinople yet!

There are tons of ideas and cool settings in there. My biggest issue would be the dialogues that play way too fast for me, and (now your previous comments make sense) the lack of AI driven concepts. I think that if you tackle AIs scripting, it will open a whole new world to you and it will make those scenarios truly shine.

As I sometimes tell myself, the maps are the body of a scenario and the AI scripts its soul ^^