A long time since I had this much fun with a game

I am not sure what it is. The game has flaws for sure but it is long time I had so much fun with a game. It reminds me of the first time I played AOE2, SC2 or GTA. It is hard to stop playing.


Same… it’s really been a long time, truly feeling like back when i was youth playing AoE 1, 2, (and later 3).


Same thing for me. For some reason I get nostalgia from AoE4. Back in the day during AoE2’s launch it felt like huge and glorious medieval battles with the best graphics possible, and now it’s the same feeling here.


I like game playing, music. I love this game :slight_smile:


For sure! There’s plenty to fix, improve and perhaps even overhaul/revamp, but the core new experience I’m digging for sure.

The campaigns with that History Channel approach is honestly so great! I’m really hoping that History Channel listens to this and follows up with more interactive documentary style. And likewise, Age4 with upcoming DLCs to introduce more civs, more theatres, campaigns, Co-Op and such.


Obvious features missing do detract from the game (customizable hotkeys, more zoom out AND zoom in being the 2 primary ones for me), but I’m having a great time!

I really really REALLY like the Norman campaign, with the mix of history and live video mixed in with the game play.

I’m giving the grid hotkey option a try (yes I played the closed and stress betas), and it’s not bad…but definitely not equal to my AoE2 setup/SC2 setup.
There’s a lot more strategy options than I realized.
(Watch Spirit of the Law’s AoE4 tips video to see some of what you may not have initially been aware of)

Lots to fix/adjust? yes!
Lots of fun and interestingly captivating? yes!
Worth my $60? yes!
Worth my $60 if they never fix the hotkeys? ummmm…ugh. Sure! (wont play competitively but it’s great for SP for sure!)


Game is so much fun!

I can’t stop playing.

I love seing the golden gosth build up buildings, has the villager hamer the land.

I love seing those mecanize chariot, they move around the map and self build, to become automated siege weaponds that self reload and fire.

I love all those quare buildings, they are never the same and take always the same space.

I love seing the top of the montain in a very close range and see te details of the game art that building paint on the land, afther being build.

I love tomake sure to space up every of my building, to make sure not to break the paint art on the land , even if i can’t wall my city or see all my city in the screen.

I love the epic batlefield of units figthing, they are there, taking a long time to die and unable to push enemy to get to their target.

I love so much the arrow of archers, they never miss end folow target.

I love the cavalery units, they take time st stop their charge, to figth in equal stance whit the infantry units and even if the infantry unit run away, the attack of the cavalery men that is not moving will reach the runing infantry units.

I love the canon, they one hit kill, you only need a few to level the batlefield, they got no friendly fire and enemy units take so much time to attack them whit torch, that other canon kill the attaking enemy several time befor they can do any damage.

I love the great scenario folow your story and say what will be done, folowing a monotone linear naration, whit a few short houre of gameplay.

I love the compilation art of the delux edition, the only one picture of a baner, whit a compilation of art on it.

I love the unit conter chart, it is so simple to understand that you don’t need to be able to read.

Over all, i nerver could have imagined such a good game being produce.


indeed… its been a long time since we got some good rts games like this, sure ancestors legacy was a great medieval game but it soon died out

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dude we know all these issues exist… but still many people do enjoy

You are rigth, wy bother?

The game is fun has it iis. :smiley:

It’s a beautiful and amazing game, no doubt about it. And it gave the civilizations of the medieval period the specificities that were all lacking in the AOE II. It is a successor to the AOE II, although it needs refinements and people carrying the cannons, trebuchets and mangonels, so that we don’t have to think about it all the time and let us be scared at all times with full awareness. Why are there stuffed chickens in the Town Center and in the houses?

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Same for me, can’t stop playing this game.
It’s the one thing I look forward to do when I finish work.
I really love the civ mastery thing too, the tasks really forces you into try new strategies and builds and at the same time you can learn how your civ works.


So true.

You only need to mass produce villager, town center and farm.

I attack only whit villager, whit every civilisation, and i mostly win every game.

It start to be ridiculous. XD

The most fun I’ve had within AoE 4 are the campaigns. Their live videos are also appreciated!

I hope they add more campaigns down the road.


This game is so much fun, i cook food i think of the game, i eat i think of the game i stack dishes because i can’t stop playing… haha its so much fun!