A Major BUG for Rus Landmark Spasskaya Tower

Game Version:

BUG issue:
Rus Trebuchets and Mangonels gain the effect of Siege Crew Training Tech (Setup and teardown speed of Trebs and Mangonels is instant) for free when age4 landmark spasskaya tower has completed. Which should be a unique tech in another age4 landmark High Armory.

Repro steps:

  1. start a game using Rus civ
  2. build spasskaya tower
  3. produce Trebuchets (more obvious) or Mangonels
  4. Trebs and Mangonels can setup and teardown instantly

This is reasonable and makes the Spasskaya Tower more competitive and not much worse than the High Armory!

Thank you for reporting @ShrounFata! There should be a fix coming for this one.