A message for the developers

The position likely involves a lot of things which do not involve directly interacting with the community as the job title would suggest. I hear you and understand your frustration. I agree that at least one team member should be interacting with the community on the forums and Discord every day like Evangelos used to do, but please give this feedback in a respectful manner.


We don’t know for sure what their responsibilities are - OR what they are allowed or not allowed to say. You can criticize without being brash.


Hello. We are modders from The Citadel and we just can’t keep our mouths shut any longer.

I have extreme concerns with the lack of communication. The only 2 people associated with development who talk are you and Radiating blade. ( Blade has said time and time again he is a volunteer) This is extremely troubling to me. Andy has stated before that his FAVORITE GAME is Age of empires ONLINE. (The mobile cash grab that failed)
How can I have faith as a Modder of this game? Is it too much of a stretch to see the problems here?
How can a man who claim to love Age Online have an understanding of what this game needs?

Prove us wrong. Don’t make us think we are wasting our time modding this game.
Icey sends his regards.

(and why did I have to make a new account. because the volunteer locked my other one)

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Since AoE4 is made partially by relic, it’s likely that you wont be able to mod it much at all unfortunately.

In CoH2 everytime the community found a way around the blocks that relic put in place to prevent modders from doing big things, relic shut them down.

From the files it looks like AoE4 will reuse the coh2 system that only allowed small changes like unit stats and changing icons for things.
Considering that the tools are supposed to be released early next year, it is concerning that there hasn’t been any info even for people with experience modding essence engine games.


Yeah I walked into a brick wall learning about editing essence engine.
Another great leadership example.
Its like Age 4 didnt come from Age 2 Modding the game and keeping it relevant.


after years of modding coh1 it was quite sad to see what relic did when coh2 released tbh. I thought AoE4 might be a chance for them to change things for the better again, but so far it seems like nothing changed.

I appreciate that somehow I’m personally being considered as a proxy for AoE4’s accessibility to various segments of the playerbase.


I am sure you are a wonderful guy, albeit a bit lost

The only projects you worked on are morally questionable cash grabs to me.

No judgement. Feed your family
But don’t tell me you have a burning passion

@WoolCarnival485 In case this is unclear, both AndyP and me are volunteer moderators and fellow community members such as yourself, not developers on Age of Empires IV or members of the Age of Empires community team.


You think I am a professional developer? Um, thanks I guess. But I’m here 100 percent out of my love for these games, all of which I pay for and none of which have ever paid me.


You told me you worked on Age of Empires Online
But whatever
I am in the wrong

As a fan, I sure have. We run the server now under the MS game usage rules — it’s 100 percent free to everyone forever.


Moderators are volunteers, and if I’m not mistaken, early in this year a thread was created to apply for such charge if you wanted to.

Mods here are always present, if only the dev team were like that or, at least, give a signal that they are and not just when an event comes out.

You guys should get paid. This stuff takes up a lot of time.

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It will be good to have a report every month on what is under investigation
What is in progress, etc in a small blog post things, nothing crazy to make.

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Now go to Company of Heroes 3 forums and look at all the developer diaries, comments and “we want to create the best CoH with our community” approach. They know they screwed up.

They just don’t care about this game too much and all I expect at this point is a game that few will play by the end of next year.


this is the role of World Edge probably

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To be honest, in my humble opinion I’m not interested in receiving a continuous flow of updates from the developers if they spend their precious time fixing bugs, updating the program, and improving the gameplay, etc. All this takes time. Now that time is running out, completing the game is most important than being continually updated with their progress which wastes time. Spare a thought for the developers who are under pressure. I’m an avid AOE game player and appreciate their hard work and effort. Thank you.


who is in charge of AGE IV? Andy or game director?

Just take a look at the replies in this thread and multiply that for the entire forum.

If I was a developer I wouldn’t want to interact with people that act as a kid.

CoH 3 is an in-house development at Relic, while AoE IV is outsourcing to World’s Edge and further, to Microsoft. So we don’t know how all that works, but just don’t make a direct comparison to CoH 3 because the developer might not have the last say and it would be more troubling to speak than to stay silent regarding AoE IV.

Now, I don’t know how much of them we need communication on. Before the beta everyone was making apocalyptic predictions for AoE IV, yet the beta came and most people were really pleased with the game. With little to no communication from the devs.
Now everyone making apocalyptic predictions for release because some stuff needs changing from beta to full game.
So I don’t think them communicating or not would change much, as far as they’re listening (they said plenty of times that they read our concerns).