A mod that allows you to constantly see your teammates resources?

Hello. I was wondering if a mod that allows you to constantly see your allies res exists so you could know how you can help your ally without them needing to tell you. If not, it would be awesome if someone were to make such a mod.

I am currently using it with a partial screen sharing software with my pre-made team

I only play with a prem team so I could use it. How do you do it?

I doubt such a mod would be legal for matchmaking.

Mods are only allowed to change the visual and audio files, but not add info that is not in some way there or even alter units. Some mods are already toeing the line there, but even having a circle on the minimap to show enemy TC is not technicially new information.

Your desired mod however would display info that currently is not available. So im pretty sure that wont work.

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